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This is a guest post by Zach Katkin, founder of Zincubate, a brilliant resource for small business software news.

Our team has been working incessantly to make Zincubate a reality, and I am excited to officially announce the launch of! Where in the world did “Zincubate” come from? Zinc: an element and mineral essential to all humans. Incubate: to provide heat so as to provide growth. We don’t care so much about the heat part, but we’re all about growth (and of course the vain “Z” for my name).

Our mission at Zincubate is to help businesses learn and implement technology to grow, market, and run their business better. Doing business used to mean endless meetings and cramped cubicles – this is no longer the case. Businesses rely on technology for virtually everything. Companies, regardless of size, need to know about this stuff or they may find themselves at a total disadvantage. Larger companies have the funding to basically hire all the technological expertise they need, however, smaller companies do not have this luxury.

That’s where Zincubate comes in.

 Zincubate: Your Tech Resource

Zincubate is a continually updated tech resource for businesses that may not have this information otherwise. We’re here to provide the tools you need to evaluate your practices, your services, and to implement technology practices that actually work. In doing so, we want to help you save time and money while making your customers’ or clients’ lives that much easier.

We want to be a comprehensive resource for small businesses to run as efficiently as possible using the web, web apps, phone apps – technology! What does that mean? This site is for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, IT professionals, or anyone interested in excelling in their current positioning through the use of technology. We’ll provide tips, reviews, articles, and how-tos on technology that can make your life easier and allow you to get more done with less.

At Zincubate, we don’t simply focus on one industry. We will focus solely on technology and its uses for different industries i.e. doctors, lawyers, manufacturing, etc. We want to offer only the best, most relevant, and useful content to our readers and by recruiting only the experts to contribute to the site.

We’re not here to sell anything to small businesses. I also want to be very clear about one thing: any tool/software/web app that we use or suggest is something that WE have actually used and it’s something that WE actually like. Zincubate is not an arena for new products and services to battle it out for sales – we want to give you information and tools that can help your company GROW. Period.

Before Zincubate

You may be wondering where all this expertise is coming from – I want to assure you that we’ve been doing this for a long time. Before Zincubate, there was It started as a simple blog dedicated to tips and tricks for Basecamp, and then exploded into a full-blown website. Project management is a great niche of tech for business, but we thought it would be beneficial to our current and new readers to cover a broader range (if you’re a user of, no worries, we will continue to cover the project management side of things too).

Superheroes & Web Gurus

To help us with the launch of Zincubate, we enlisted the help of Andres Romero (aka: Blo0p). If you’re an avid visitor of Inspired, Reddit, Digg, or other social sites, chances are that you’ve seen Andres’ work. A few months ago, his minimalist superhero posters exploded online and have so far garnered over 7.6 MILLION views. I had the opportunity to interview Andres awhile back and offered a promotion to readers regarding the launch of Zincubate. I’m happy to announce the winner is Mark Porter of Screaming Frog and he will be receiving his prize soon!

I got to thinking about superheroes after seeing Andres’ work. Superheroes are people (even if they are fictional) that we want to emulate – whether in our personal lives or work lives. With that, I got to thinking about actual people in my field that I want to emulate, that I want my team to emulate. These are the Web Gurus: the leaders and innovators of the world of web design and web development. This is where Andres’ immeasurable talent comes in. To help with the launch of Zincubate, I had Andres create some pieces of art showcasing our Web Gurus.

Check out for technology tips and stick around to see just want Blo0p comes up with next!

Zach Katkin - Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Designer and Writer - is the co-founder of Florida Web Design Company Atilus. In business for nearly a decade, Atilus has more than 600 clients worldwide.