Meet T. Berry, the world’s greatest storyteller

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T. Berry, aka the world’s greatest storyteller has been a street raconteur since the 1980s, his unique style and presence an integral fixture of the Greenwich Village bar scene. The epic, lewd and strangely profound tales caught the attention of photographer Horatio Baltz, who’s been photographing the wandering orator ever since. Baltz recently shared a few amazing photos and videos which sees T.Berry in action, and also try to reveal those intimate moments when there’s no crowd.

T. Berry is a Harlem based street performer who has been delivering his unique brand of “street story-telling” to late night Greenwich Village bar-goers since 1985.  The stories T. Berry performs are traditional folk stories he learned as a child, some of which date back to the late 1800’s with origins in the American Slave Trade. Rooted in African American folk culture, the stories have been passed down generations primarily through an oral tradition. With scant interest in his craft and under the constant threat of eviction, T. Berry struggles to survive while attempting to preserve a dying artform.

Btw, before going ahead and watching the videos, you must know that there is some strong language involved and NSFW etc. Found some of the poems in this book.

The World’s Greatest Storyteller – “One Thin Dime” from horatio baltz on Vimeo.

The World’s Greatest Storyteller – “The Midnight Fuck of Peter Revere” from horatio baltz on Vimeo.

The World’s Greatest Storyteller – “A Lot of Lost People” from horatio baltz on Vimeo.

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