Meet AppBoy – iPhone, Android & Blackberry Apps Discovery and Crowdsourcing

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In our effort to feature the most interesting websites for the creative community we’re highlighting today a new app-related project.

What’s Appboy?

Appboy is a fresh social platform with two missions: 1. to get app recommendations and help us discover the ultimate iWesomeness (not just for iPhone, but also for Android and Blackberry apps) and 2. to offer the chance for creative users to post app ideas that the community can vote on in order to get developers convert the idea to code. There’s also a compensation model but you can find out more about this here.


Why is it cool?

This could be the future of the app discovery tools, as the AppStore is delivering more than 100 apps per day and the best only way to dig out the good ones is with the help of lots of people. By making the recommendation system social Appboy brings democratization to the table and wins a white ball. The design looks good, the Hana-Barberesque robot is a geek magnet and the system works like a charm.


What’s next?

They have to bring the people here. A great service with just a few community members is still a service with just a few community members. We need more brains, more apps, more everything. So let’s help these guys, let’s register, rank our favorite apps, discover new ones and submit the next-best-thing app idea!


Your turn! Tell us what you think and why Appboy is or isn’t the ultimate app-discovery tool.

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Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • thanks for the great review! as part of the appboy team of designers, i feel really honored!

  • This is Eric from Wow AppBoy has great potential. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing where this goes…

  • Hi Everyone,

    We are working hard on making this the hub for app developers and users. Inspired Mag thanks for the great review i couldn’t do it better myself. Please help us get the word out and let us know your thoughts as we are updating the site daily. you can follow Appboy at
    Join, add your apps, ideas, promote your apps w your own appstore!
    thanks again!

  • I am pretty active on and loved the experience so far. For all you developers and those with ideas for developers this is a great site for you guys. Developers always need a place where they can talk to other developers and also a place where customers can come for helpful criticism and much more.

    [In the picture on top my App is displayed on the front page of the website. “Face the Music” [] anyones app has a chance to make it on the front page if their app is rated high enough on the website. This is another great way for developers to get some advertisement of their applications]