May 13 Special: What Are You Afraid Of? – A Typographic Set

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Senongo Akpem is a Nigerian American designer and art director.  He currently works in NYC, and loves printmaking and sci-fi. You can find him on twitter(@senongo), or check out the art directed articles on his site.

This typographic set is an illustration of all those things I am afraid of- bugs, snakes, malaria, you name it.  Mostly, I let the shape of the letter determine what the subject would be, rather than the other way around.  Although this started out simply as an experiment, I am very happy with how it all came together. They are all available on my site as desktop, mobile, and tablet wallpapers.

A is for Incineration

B is for Tapeworms

C is for Zombies

D is for Heart Attacks

E is for Centipedes

F is For Amoebic Dysentery

G is for Spiders

H is for Crocodiles

I is for Alien Abduction

J is for Water Monsters

K is for Weapons

L is for Caterpillars

M is for Poison Frogs

N is for Malaria

O is for Octopi

P is for Intelligent Mold

Q is for Ants

R is for Clowns

S is for Snakes

T is for Jellyfish

U is for Brain Scans

V is for Rabid Dogs

W is for Lightning

X is for Dentists

Y is for Pollen

Z is for Glass Shards