On marketing for design projects

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Marketing is the key to success in any business, regardless of whether you’re selling armchairs or exotic reptiles – if no one knows about the business then you will not have any customers and it will #fail.

There is an unfortunate precedent, mainly amongst small companies, to delegate tasks such as e-marketing to the office junior or apprentice. This is possibly because those higher up do not consider it to be a difficult task, or because it’s the human nature to delegate tasks that are hard to understand to someone else.

Unless your office junior is a brilliant graduate with a diamond cut degree in Marketing and/or Design, do not do this. They will not get it right, not because they are a below-grade employee but because designing and create effective marketing material is hard to do, which is why there are professionals who do only that.

Firstly, there is no point in creating a marketing campaign without clearly identifying who the target audiences are for your campaign – that is, the niche audience, who is at the core of what you are marketing, and the wider audiences, who has a less specific interest in your product or service, but may still be interested in getting involved. There may be more than one wider audience, which may require that you develop slightly different campaigns to target them more effectively.

It’s also vital to know what you’re marketing for. This information will influence and, to a point, dictate the designs that you choose for your marketing campaign, and without a clear idea of the desired outcome for a campaign is more likely to founder. Things that will help you to connect with your desired audiences are colour schemes, font, layout and even the materials used for printing – all things that it are worth consulting with a professional designer about. Many freelance designers are not as expensive as you might imagine, Instantprint for example have lots designers who can help you to develop artwork and design a marketing campaign for very reasonable prices.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash - a social marketing boutique - and he's always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.