Are you making your visitors happy? A look at design and UX trends in 2016

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The Internet has continued to be a bright spot in the employment picture. Internet business accounts for over 2% to the GNP, and has created 1.2 million jobs over the past decade. Roughly 10% of consumer purchases are online purchases, and Internet advertising is a $20-billion-dollar a year industry.

eCommerce companies account for nearly half of those 1.2 million jobs, and their need for software applications developers is expected to increase 25% or more over the next decade.

As these new job opportunities are opening up, web design is focusing more and more on user experience (UX). Keeping users happy can be a daunting task, but with an understanding of user needs, and having the right tool at your disposal, it need not be a problem at all.

Who is the Average Internet User in 2016?

Websites need to be designed with two business objectives in mind; those of the owner, and those of the average Internet user. The latter has:

  • an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish – 8 seconds vs. 9 seconds.
  • a notable lack of patience. In the days of dialup, a user was more patient. Today, a user expects a page to load in 2 seconds – not 15.
  • a need for rapid access to an ever increasing amount of information on virtually every subject. But while a typical user benefits from instant access to a wealth of information, the desire and capacity for in-depth analysis diminishes.
  • access to a mobile device, allowing that user to demand service from any place at any time.

These are a few of the challenges the web designer faces, and they are but a few of the challenges website design tools need to address.

Modern Look and Feel is Important – But What is It?


Image source: Uncode WordPress Theme – Blog Metro layout

It’s not only a matter of what information is presented to the user, but how it is presented, that is critical. This is why website and app designers need to select their tools with care.

Break from tradition. Modular home pages and crisp design lines help users to go where they want to go, as well as where you would like them to go. Modern look and feel captures user’s attention, funnels them through content important to them, and leads them to a call for action. With a modern modular homepage, users don’t have to scroll through to the bottom to get to the information they are looking for. They appreciate that.

Modern look and feel also serves bloggers, by encouraging their visitors to keep reading and to looking forward to reading more.

Nothing draws attention to something than nothing. That seemingly silly-sounding phrase carries a powerful message. Whitespace is important. It can make a visitor’s journey easier and more enjoyable. It helps a visitor focus, and increases comprehension.  Whitespace can even convey emotion.


Image source: Uncode WordPress Theme – Classic Shop Layout

Clean, crisp images, and large images boost sales. These are critical factors when shopping from mobile devices. In spite of having a smaller viewing area, shoppers still need a clear picture of what they intend to purchase. Today’s technology can make this happen, but web designers must have the tools that utilize the technology.

There are other details that have to be taken into account, but what you really want is a professionally-looking website design. Users who appreciate the look and feel of your site are more apt to increase the beloved marketing metrics: sales conversions, time on site or the net promoter score.

A Closer Look at a Premium Solution

Uncode is a good solution to the problems of satisfying users, business, and modern design needs. Uncode is a premium ThemeForest multipurpose WordPress theme whose innovative approach to website building has gained it an increasingly large and enthusiastic following.

Flexibility – Uncode features several powerful plugins, including WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, and Visual Composer; but this is where any commonality with most other premium WordPress themes ends. Instead of working from many different modular features, modules have been built upon and combined to provide a tool that gives the web creator a multiplicity of options and tremendous flexibility.


Image Management – Uncode’s Adaptive Images feature automatically delivers rescaled versions of your images to optimally fit within the screen size of the specific device. You don’t need to worry anymore about different formats; if you want a square image, rather than a rectangular one, the system will automatically crop it for you.


Layouts – The Adaptive Grid System gives a designer grid options that enable him to create any desired layout to any level of detail. Spacing, margins, gap settings, and design positioning requirements are fully taken into account.


Masonry/Isotope and Carousel – These layouts provide the designer with options for blog post layouts, portfolios, product pages, media pages, and much more.

Centralized Color and Typography – This time-saving feature enables a color type or pattern or a typographic set to be used throughout the site, and changed at will.

About Uncode and Undsgn

The Undsgn ThemeForest Elite Author team took a highly innovative approach when creating Uncode. They focused on user options, and created a theme with fewer modules, many options, and hierarchical combinations of options. Their theme’s performance is clean, powerful, and sexy. Everything in its place and everything does what is designed to do.


Uncode has been featured as a CSS Winner. It has been nominated for a CSS Design Award, given an honorable mention by Awwwards, and it has been selected as ThemeForest Top New File for November, 2015.

The product this two-man team developed is rich in innovative website-building techniques. Its focus is more on options than on features, giving the user an unprecedented amount of design flexibility.

Although it is different in many ways from the more typical WordPress themes, there is nothing about this theme that a novice cannot handle.

Clean, Modern, and one of the Best

Uncode is a strong solution on the market for the problems facing web designers today. User experience is all-important, and it needs to be taken into account when designing a website expected to compete in the eCommerce world.

A website needs to be characterized by features that not only draw visitors in, but encourage them to stay awhile and to respond to calls for action. Visitors are often in a hurry, impatient, or have short attention spans. Uncode is a good tool for designing a site that successfully takes these characteristics into account. Check out all the details here.

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