The Majestic Fonts Bundle

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It’s not very often you find such wonderful fonts collected for you, arranged and displayed in such a majestic fashion. Where all you need to do is sit and think about how best to use them in your creative work and brainstorm potential plans of world craft domination! Ok, maybe not quite as extreme but when I saw the Majestic Fonts Bundle, apart from being mystified, I couldn’t help but think how I could use all 40 of these fonts for something magical in my work.

Whether it be flyers, leaflets, SVG’s, paper cutting, bumper stickers, T Shirt designing, Card creation, Plaques, wedding gifts, birthday gifts…. I could think of a million ways to use them to bring to life creative work.

These fonts on their own can cost upwards of $12-$18 and it can prove quite costly to go font shopping online, this is where a bundle can be such good value for money. You save 95% on the RRP just by grabbing the bundle before the timer runs out, it’s a pretty amazing deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the fonts involved: 


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