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Like the fall of the TV, the must anticipated and rumored extinction of print magazines and newspapers is a hot subject for a few years now. Maybe what the Internet revolution hasn’t accomplished (magazine extermination) will the Recession finish, but we can still enjoy alot of print awesomeness these days, so sit back and relax check these resources.

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Mag Nation is the world’s first and only magazine superstore, with the largest range of mainstream and special interest magazines in the galaxy (over 4.000 titles). That’s a nice selection they have there… 4.000 magazines that you have to dig to find the ones that best suit you. Don’t worry; they have a search by interest or title option, so that’s not as hard as it sounds. [twitter]

Magma Books is a British bookstore with a great website where you can also subscribe to the hottest titles from ranges like Illustration to Film, Life-Style or even trend Forecasting.

Maghound (what a great logo!) is a service with a great idea: why make subscriptions only for one magazine at a time, when people want to read alot more? So here we are – we can subscribe to as many magazines as we want and pay just a monthly fee (3 titles for $5 / month, 5 for $8, and so on). That sounds like All you can read! [twitter]

Stack is the newest service of them all. It’s more focused on niche and independent (maga)zines. Each delivery of Stack is a surprise so there’s no way of knowing what will come next. However, every magazine delivered by Stack comes with a guarantee that it represents the very best of independent magazine publishing, targeted at young, intelligent readers who appreciate an alternative to the mainstream. [twitter]


Issuu is a great social platform for publishing and reading free magazines from independent zines to famous print magazines. There is a strong selection of pop culture and gaming titles (I am reading right now One Small Seed). [twitter]

MagCloud is a service enables you to publish your own magazines. All you have to do is upload a PDF and they’ll take care of the rest: printing, mailing, subscription management, and more.

Lulu – is a marketplace for digital content on the Internet. It enables authors to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control.

Mygazines was last year’s revelation – you could read there all the big magazines for free, as private users uploaded them. After a while the service went down and a few months ago has re-launched without the copyright hassles and geared it self to working with publishers to spread their content, similar case to the Muxtape from the music industry. They already have a few business and travel available titles. [twitter]

Zinio is one of the firs services to offer online reading option for print magazines and, as the years passed by, it consolidated its position. Now Zinio has al the big titles in digital version, from Esquire, to Maxim and Macworld.

Pdf-mags is a fabulous online collection of PDF magazines, mostly focused on visual and pop culture titles. [twitter]


Magazine Death Pool is the personal blog of The Reaper, the evil superhero responsible for all the killed magazines. This guy has some inside news and he is willing to tell us everything with the smile on his face.

Themediaisdying is another source of magazine bad news, this time on Twitter. 15.000 followers are watching the daily stream of gossips and facts that this guys share from the publishing business. But remember, the Media is also hirin’ and huntn! [twitter]


Colophon – a biennial symposium for magazine makers, experts, advertisers, readers and all creatives involved in the world of the independent magazine. Read online the interviews and other great materials from this year’s edition in Luxembourg. Also please check the two books they have published so far – We Love Magazines and We Make Magazines.  [twitter]

Alltop – Guy Kawasaki’s version of Popurls self dubbed “an online magazine rack” of popular topics; here is the Publishing rack. [twitter]

Do you read me – huge magazine store in Berlin.

Distill is a bimonthly magazine that brings together the best content from lesser-known fashion and style publications from around the world, enhanced by commentary from renowned creative figures.

Mr. Magazine – one of the strongest voices in the publishing business.

Mag Culture – great blog about magazines.

Magtastic – Andrew Losowsky’s bits & thoughts about magazines.

Things to look at – daily selection from a print lover.

Magazineer – insights from the magazine industry.

The best magazine Twitter profiles – Newsweek, Fast Company & Wired

Our favourite independent magazines – Good, Beast & Vice.

Thank you and please leave some other tips & tricks for the magazine enthusiasts.

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