What is Luv: Another Love Poem in Internet Slang

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A follow up to Text Drive by Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet. Former Floridian and resident Bostonian, she has written for the Seminole Chronicle, Momslikeme, and the Central Florida Future, and is currently working in the Journalism Department of Emerson College. Illustration by Paula Damigella.


What is 143? Baby, don’t hurt me
don’t make me ask the ?
are we bf and gf
or just bfs,
bc I kno u
and I need an answr 2night—
not l8r 2day,
not 2morrow

Our relationship isn’t bout a/s/l,
isn’t filled with kthxbai
after we, you kno, do it…

OMG, this is awk

aka: our “situation”
bka: our love

I can’t remember a b4u
I dunno how it felt
to b w/ u

are you my bf or bf?

you dunno?

has it come to this:
I’m busy or g2g?



if u’d lemme talk for just a sec,
stopped loling or rofling,
saying jk, jk after u insult me,
u’d see what I’m getting at.

If u can’t grant me access to ur <3
I need the pw

I need a decision
I kno it’s not that u dc bout me
(u could nvr say that)
but that ur just not sure
it’s me

that I’m the 1


so u can say sry & ilu
when you tell me
you want to be my bf

and i can say:

tx for nothing
or tx for everything

I’m not rly sure.

[end convo]

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Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet.