Less Than Three: A Love Poem in Internet Slang

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By Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet. Former Floridian and resident Bostonian, she has written for the Seminole Chronicle, Momslikeme, and the Central Florida Future, and is currently working in the Journalism Department of Emerson College.

this is n00b <3,
tru love,
though u prolly knew that.

i’m ok w/it
u kno
2b loved like an old computer
sans the comfort
of ctrl+alt+delete
though we could pretend
it’d work
to fix the errors in our relationship,
to brb at the beginning
or w/e.

but w8—
it’s 2 early for that;
we’re more like puppies
(lol soooooo cute!),
eggs, overly ez.

I shk,
w/o fear,
that 2nite we’d move
from puppies to
full-on canines,
teeth sharpened
into cya l8r,
into I don’t so much love u,
as h8 u.

d/w, baby
h/o, baby
so long, baby.

no longer n00bs.
just pwned by feelings.

omg, it hurts.

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Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet.

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