Inspired Talks: Sterling Root on Launching the Long Awaited Streetwear Line

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Long Awaited is a new streewear brand founded in California. Right before their launch, we had the chance to chat with Sterling Root, one of the three cofounders, discussing how you can combine inspiration and aspirations to launch a coherent clothing brand.


Hi Sterling, what inspired you to create the Long Awaited clothing line?

Well, Long Awaited was inspired by a love of the streetwear culture. The creators of the brand wanted to make a brand that not only represented the street culture, but also the accomplishment of goals. We took the things we love about the streetwear culture, and applied it to our dreams. That is what Long Awaited is all about.

long_awaited_clothingYou’re typography choices are awesome. How long did it take you to find the perfect formula?

We knew that every article of clothing we put out needed to be perfect. With that in mind, it took us over a year to pick the exact designs that we put on our clothing, and we made sure that the designs represented the Long Awaited Lifestyle.

Tell us more about today’s launch. I see the store is finally up.

Long Awaited has been three years in the making. Today is the day that we finally put all our hard work out there for the public to see. We hope that they are as passionate and enthusiastic about Long Awaited as much as we are.

What is your vision of the future?

We believe that Long Awaited is more than just a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle. We want to show people the Long Awaited Lifestyle and let people know that we all have the potential to do great things and inspire others. Our aspiration is to create clothes that are fashionable and spread this message. We are just going to keep doing what we love, making clothes, and hope that it will inspire people along the way.

You’re such a young brand. How come your values are so clear?

We knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish with Long Awaited. We had a clear vision of what the brand should be, that it was easy for the values to follow.

Who are your business-role models?

As a young streetwear company we have to respect the people that came before us. Bobby and Ben of The Hundreds, Nicky of the Diamond Supply Co, Shawn Stussy, and of course James Jebbia of Supreme. Without them, there wouldn’t be a streetwear industry. The things they did inspired us to create Long Awaited, and it is hard to not look up to them.

Where do you find your source of inspiration?

Inspiration of the brand comes from all around. We take pieces of the streetwear culture, hip hop culture, California lifestyle, and anything else that interests us. One of the big things we focus on is to not only be inspired, but to inspire. We want other people to get a glimpse of the lifestyle that we live out every day.


Could you tell us a little bit more about you guys? Where did you grow up? What are your personal interests?

Long Awaited was started by three people: Sterling Root, Charles DuPont, and Jordan Payton. The three of us all live in Los Angeles and originally met in high school. In high school we became incredibly close friends because we all shared a love of streetwear and lived a unique lifestyle. One of my biggest passions lately has been anything that has to do with the arts. I love photography and am constantly taking pictures. Also, street art has become an interest of mine. Charles is a car fanatic. He knows almost everything there is to know about nice cars. He exercises this passion with his other company, “Art in Motion.” Jordan has a love for the game of football. He is currently a Freshman wide receiver for UCLA, and hopes to soon be playing in the NFL. All of these different interests are what help to make the Long Awaited Lifestyle so unique.

That’s a very interesting mix indeed! Any closing statements?

Whatever your passion or goals are, go after them. The three of us loved streetwear, so we found a way to make it our lives. There is nothing better than finding a way to do what you love all the time. If you see a chance to live while doing something you love, don’t think, just go.

Please remember to check out Long Awaited. Now open for business!

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