Why should you let professionals handle your t-shirt designs?

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Most of you reading this article are interested in starting a clothing company or already own one and you’re trying to improve some things around. Well, you’ve came to the right place!

There are so many questions before even starting to work on your brand, but most important, you should have a perceptive eye and some experience. Firstly, build a concept, have someone design your logo and create a mission statement. According to Wikipedia, a mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company’s reason to  exist. Try to be original!

FAQ before launching your first line of clothes!

Should I create the t-shirt designs or should I let a professional handle it?

Where can I find the right designer? Background check.

In case the design turns out to be a success should I hire him full-time?

How much a professional costs me?

You might not have all the answers right away but you’ll figure it out down the road!

I always get questions from small brands such as: “I’m trying to start a new collection of t-shirts and I was wondering can you point me in the right direction?” and by me I mean Teehunter. I say what I’ll say to you here: Let professionals handle your designs!

One of the things you should NOT do is waste money. For example you paid a designer $250 for a t-shirt design. It turns out to be an awesome illustration but you need to make sure it fits your rest of the line and, of course, your mission statement. You started down this road, continue doing so!

There are always t-shirt enthusiasts who don’t have a store yet and want to showcase their designs. Where do you find them? Well  here the field widens! There is DesignByHumans, Limiteed, Redbubble, etc. They all have design contests and a lot of those t-shirt enthusiasts compete for a small piece of the action (percentage from sales).

Recently the guys over at DesignByHumans were looking for some talented designers -or perhaps Demon Hunters or Monks – to design a t-shirt inspired by Diablo III. Only 5 t-shirt designs will be selected on October 14, 2013 and over $12,500 in cash and other prizes will be awarded. Here are some of the most voted designs:

Rise of Diablo


Malthael – Angel of Death


The Barbarian

For example Rise of Diablo’s creator is one talented Geno75. He’s an elder member of DesignByHumans’s community, from Indonesia and has several printed winning designs.

There are many more t-shirt enthusiasts out there, not just this one. Take a look! Which one you think will fulfill your needs? Contact and ask him if he’s up to it! If the answer is yes, well you’ve got yourself a designer.


There are a few easy steps you have to follow in order for you and your designer to think alike. First, tell him what you need! What the design should be: animal, a statement, cartoon, how the design should look like etc. Second, choose how much you’ll pay for the design (that depends on how complex your illustration is). And last, the designer starts working on some mock-ups, don’t be afraid to communicate with him. Tell him your likes and dislikes.

Okay! I’ve thrown a few tips and advice here, hopefully you’ve picked up some of them. Before I go I would like to share a thing about me –  I’m chief-in-editor at Teehunter.com where we hunt down the best t-shirt designs out there!

See you next time, till then have an A day!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash - a social marketing boutique - and he's always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.