Lessons In Juggling From Dave Stewart

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This is a guest post & video by Ian Sanders – a stimulus junkie; he revels in soaking up and spreading new ideas, applying new thinking to business and the workplace. He’s helped both big brands and small enterprises with the launch of new ventures, taking ideas to market.

As creatives, we’re used to juggling multiple projects across multiple platforms: we’re becoming multi-dimensional. My book “Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life” is about celebrating your multi-dimensional talents so your work life reflects your passions; that the work you is the real you. Juggling is about going beyond a single job-title to carve out a plural role. That will resonate with many creatives whether you’re a freelancer or running your own agency.

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I’m always interested in meeting inspiring jugglers and this guy is certainly one of them. Dave Stewart might be best known as a musician, but as a multi-media entrepreneur he juggles a dizzying array of creative projects from books and music to tv formats, musicals and films. He has his very own ideas factory, Weapons Of Mass Entertainment which develops his ideas, creating prototypes to take to partners. I recently hung out with Dave and talked how he makes ideas happen. This short video “How To Run An Ideas Factory” features Dave on developing and prototyping ideas, creating ideas out of chaos, dealing with uncertainty and juggling.

Ian Sanders is a thought-leader, business coach, marketing expert and author, with twenty years experience in business: ten years in creative organisations and ten years working for himself.