Last day to get these 3 inspired deals

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Today is the last chance to grab these amazing deals, so check them out and, whatever you do, act fast:

Bundle Storm: The Bundle of Bundles – only $47 (instead of $147)

There are bundles and there are bundles. And then, well, then there are bundles of bundles. In this Mighty Deal’s case, however, it feels like we have a bundle that consists of bundles of bundles! Confused yet? Don’t be. Just know that this is one of the biggest bundle deals ever! With literally thousands of high-quality elements for creative designers, this Bundle Storm pretty much has it all!

PixelKit – Unlimited access to UI Kits, Icon Sets & More – only $25 (instead of $49)

Finding the right graphics can certainly be tough. Even if you find a designer you like, you may have a tough time choosing a specific set of icons or UI elements. Decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s why design memberships are great, since you can pick and choose what you like for as long as you’re a member. With a 1-year PixelKit Membership, your only real tough decision will be what to use first!

The App Design HandBook – only $19 (instead of $39)

How do you design an iPhone app? What do you do to get your iPad app in the App Store? Where can you learn how to make your app perfect for your users? The answer to those questions, particularly the last one, can be found in Nathan Barry’s insightful eBook, The App Design Handbook. With just this one resource, you will learn everything you need to know in order to design your own successful iOS application.

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