Keep your landing page working for you

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Nothing stands still, and the Internet is far from an exception. New trends and technologies blitz by all the time. If you’ve had a business web page for a long time, consider how long it’s been since the last update. If your content hasn’t changed in years, it’s long past time for an overhaul.

The place to start looking is at your landing page. Whatever page attracts most of the initial visitors to your site, that’s the page you want to fine-tune to get people clicking deeper into your site. If you want to make more sales, you need a landing page that is not turning your potential customers off before they ever get started. Some surprising changes can make for big differences. Here are some ideas to consider while you review your site.

Write a Strong Value Proposition

When visitors land on your site, it needs to be clear to them immediately how what you offer will benefit them. If they need to dig for this information, or if your ad text is at all unclear, they will wander off and look for something they can understand. Remember that visitors to your site have very little reason to stay. It’s your job to give them a reason they can’t refuse, and you do it by writing a clear, compelling value proposition for them. When someone reads the text on your landing page, they should be able to understand very quickly why registering with your site or why buying your products will help them. When site owners want to know how to increase conversion rate, this is one of the first things to consider.

Add Quality Reviews

Putting reviews and customer testimonials on your site can be a powerful tool to increase your conversion rate. Potential customers want to know that your products or services get the job done and that you’re not out to rip them off. Reading about the quality of your work from satisfied customers is one way to increase their confidence. It’s important to include the right kind of reviews, however. If you receive a quick “thank you” or “your products are amazing” from a pleased customer, take it as a sign that you’re doing something right. But those statements are very shallow as testimonials. They don’t tell a potential customer why they should trust you. If you can garner reviews that go into more depth about your products, those will be a much stronger addition to your landing page.

Ask for Less

Sites often ask people for information in order to register. The trick is not to ask people for too much information. If a potential customer is confronted with a long list of fields they need to complete before they have even decided they really care about your products, it’s going to be a big turn-off. They’ll go find someone who won’t make it such a hassle for them to become a customer. Determine what the bare minimum of useful information is to collect from brand new customers, and stick with that.

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