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WordPress is everywhere. The options built in to WordPress are plentiful and allow for quick and easy design to be completed by even the newest of site builders. While the multitude of options is certainly a good thing, many designers are losing sight of the basics and are missing out on visitors because of design elements that are overly complex and unnecessary. According to Joe Olujic, a WordPress expert, a minimalist approach is often best. Olujic suggests that WordPress users go back over the basics and return to simple and clean design options in order to generate the best results.

Build With Visitors in Mind

Joe Olujic believes that many designers build a WordPress site without properly considering the whole of their audience. A simplistic and easy-to-use site that is intuitive for new visitors is best, which means that WordPress users should focus on creating a site that is immediately inviting and appealing to a wide range of visitors. While every site should be unique and representative of its content, it is important to remember that people tend to gravitate toward that which is familiar.

Content May Be King, But Layout, Fonts and Images Are Equally Important

Every website should be rich with substance, but visitors shape their opinions based on much more than just the messages relayed through the written word. According to Olujic, the layout of the information and the accompanying images are just as important as the information itself, and there are certainly instances in which poor layout or a lack of images will prevent a visitor from even reading the content.

Of course, WordPress users should never sacrifice one for the other, but it is valuable to consider that a visitor is more likely to read the content of the site if it is presented in a manner they find appealing. This means using images, headers and bulleted lists to break up the information and make it easier for the reader to digest.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Safe

Seasoned WordPress users may wish to take full advantage of their knowledge of the many tools WordPress provides, but it is best to take a safe approach to site design and to maintain a clean and simple site. Visitors to the site will appreciate the fact that the site is easy to use and the content is presented in a manner that is easily read.

Playing it safe may seem boring sometimes, but nothing is more frustrating for visitors than having to figure out how to navigate a site. Those users will almost certainly leave the site rather than take the few moments it may take to comprehend how the site functions. Take a minimal approach and keep the layout clean and inviting. Your site visitors will thank you for it.

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