Sensational Jobs for Designers

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The design community is stronger than ever – there are tens of thousands of brilliant designers out there and a gazillion gigs from companies looking for a hot website or a sexy app. But you need a great tool to filter all this data and find the coolest jobs and the most talented designer. Enter Sensational Jobs – my new weapon of choice when it comes to hiring a web designer or posting design jobs.

Meet Sensational Jobs

Sensational Jobs was created by a professional design & development team, after being involved in the design and web industry for well over a decade, both as job seekers and employers. The job board was born out of our desire to have an easy and simple platform that can connect both sides.  They added an array of rich and very powerful features to facilitate job browsing and posting and they actively market and promote the site to a very targeted and niche group of talented creatives in the web development industry.

Why is it cool

  • instant and easy posting
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • automated email / RSS alerts
  • secure payments
  • automatic invoicing
  • top paying affiliate program

Hot Jobs

Head over to Sensational Jobs for more details and to check it all out.

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