10 Platform Games for iPhone with Amazing Design

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After the success of our iPhone games roundup from last week we decided to make another one, this time focusing on the best platform games you can play on your little touch screen while waiting for the buss or ‘enjoying’ a meeting.

Sway | $4.99| Review | Download


Sway’s characters are very doll-like and it’s as if you can almost feel them in your hands. The textures are well implemented creating a handsome experience.

Soosiz | $2.99 | Review | Download


Soosiz starts off with some inconsequential back story about the land of Soosiz being and peril and the main character having to journey throughout the land and save little Soosizes

Underground | $3.99 Review | Download


Despite its lack of fanfare and chatter around the internet, Underground, with its hip-hop style and impressive graphics, is a pretty solid and fun new addition to the genre

Spy Bot Chronicles | $3.99 | Review | Download


Spy Bot offers tons of replay value, with hours of initial playthrough value and the motivation of collecting all of the objects and all of the gears available throughout the game

Ric Rococo | $0.99 | Review | Download


If you’ve ever dreamed of pulling off a major caper, now is your chance to do it from the safety of your iDevice

Toki Tori | $4.99 | Review | Download


Toki Tori is an egg-shaped, flightless yellow bird who must traverse 80 levels of play across 4 different worlds, collecting eggs while avoiding enemies

Edge | $4.99 | Review | Download


Though it shares qualities with marble rolling games, platformers, and several other game genres, Edge rolls these attributes into a unique game without any direct competition in the app store

Bionic Surfer | $2.99 | Review | Download


Marketed as a action/adventure title, Bionic Surfer brings gamers into the role of a Amnesia-ridden wave-rider-dude in an all out battle to save earth and its neighboring planets

Rasta Monkey | $0.99 /| Review | Download


If you’re idea of a good time is jammin’ to some Marley tunes or getting a dreadlock makeover and you want a fitting game to accompany you, may we suggest Rasta Monkey

Bounce On | $3.99 | Review | Download


Bounce On recreates players as a bouncy ball that has gotten lost after falling out of a pocket. The goal is to make it through over 60 Levels (so far) and find your home safely

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