iPhone and Apple Watch mockup templates that all app designers need

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So you have created the most amazing app or website and you can’t wait to show it to the rest of the world, however when you want to show it off you decide to just upload a hideous screenshot. Do you see the problem here? Using a realistic device photo could have made your product look so much better, and the mockups designed by UX Design and App Development Agency Remotion, are just what you need. Recently the guys at Ramotion put up their own digital store offering photorealistic device mockups of the iPhone and Apple Watch + iPhone Plus.

Apple iPhone Mockup

iPhone Plus Mockup

Have you ever noticed how many of the best apps available are all marketed with stunning iPhone mockups? These high-quality renders will beautify the presentation of your app. The mockups are in Photoshop PSD format. They are layered, well organized, and labeled properly. You’re able to add a screen, as a smart object, edit the shadow, and background.

Apple Watch Mockup

Apple watch Mockup

The Apple Watch might still be in its infancy, however it has already gained a lot of success. Many developers are starting to create new apps for the Apple Watch, and they need a stunning way to display their apps, and these mockups are a brilliant way to show off new app designs.

So far Ramotion has released three incredible PSD packs:


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