iPhone App Design – How To Get Started In this New Niche

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There are over half a million Apps in the App Store and to be sincere 80% of them suck at design. The days of throwing up just any app and hoping it to sell thousands of copies are officially over. The App store has become a place where mature businesses with mature marketing plans succeed.

One way to stand out amongst the sea of apps is to have great design.

What does this mean for you?

As a designer, this phenomenon has created a new demand for designers for Mobile apps. Developers are always on the look out for great iPhone App Design and and frankly, app designers are hard to find as there are not many out there. The opportunity is there to be taken for designers that are ready to go into this niche.

As a developer, you know good mobile app designers are hard to find. The ones that understand the user interface of the iPhone and know what kind of elements to put together. You know you need a good design but have no idea how to design an app.

The App Design Vault was put together to help you scale over these hurdles.

How to Jump Start The Process Of Getting Great App Design

The Vault was setup to help you do the following.

1) To help you as a designer carve a profitable niche for yourself. To help you expand your product offering and start getting more revenue from your freelance efforts.

2) To help you as a developer acquire great design for your apps without having to fire up Photoshop yourself. To help your make your app stand out and sell more copies.

It is a collection of iPhone App Design themes and iPad App Design themes. They will help you jump start the design process of your app or your client’s app.

You are free to use them on an unlimited number of your own apps or on your client’s apps.

Limited Time Offer For Inspired Mag Readers

For a limited time only (Until the 12th of December), you can get 4 themes for the price of one as a special deal for Inspired Mag readers. 4 themes normally sell for $280, but you get them all for $70.

Here are screenshots of the 4 themes you get for that price.

Social Boo – Facebook, Twitter, Fourquare is within reach

You can use this to design your Facebook and Twitter apps and make it look amazing.

The theme has 4 screens. A list of social updates. Another screen for the user profile, a splash screen and an icon. Included in the theme are also design elements like Buttons, Progress bars etc. Buy this theme along with 4 others for $70

PodRadio – Multimedia design on Steroids

PodRadio is a Multimedia App Theme. Do you need designs for an App that plays audio or video? PodRadio has you sorted. There is a screen with a list of Album titles, a detail screen with red glowing player controls. Fast forward, Rewind, Play, Pause, the works.

The app has a nice leather navigation bar that makes your app look classy. You can also use this navigation bar in any other apps you have. Buy this theme along with 4 others for $70

Foody – Classy Recipe design

Recipe apps sell well on the App store. That is why Top Chefs like Jamie Oliver are coming out with their own apps too. Foody has a brown leather feel to it. It takes its inspiration from the the Find My Friends app from Apple.

This goes to prove that you can take these design concepts and use them for any kind of app.

Foody has a screen with a list of dishes, a detail screen with a list of ingredients and a framed image for the dishes. Buy this theme along with 4 others for $70

PhotoPad – iPad PhotoBooks with a Twitter Interface.

Do you like the cool interface on the Twitter iPad App? Well, it so happens that you can use the interface for almost any kind of iPad app.

PhotoPad is the proof. It can be used to design a Photo-book app for weddings, baby photos and holidays. You get Photoshop files and the Xcode project included in the bundle. Buy this theme along with 4 others for $70

Here are some of the benefits you get from purchasing this bundle.

Saves You Time
You can fire up Photoshop with the .PSD files you get with each theme and you already have a starting point for your designs. If you don’t want to use Photoshop because you are a developer, open up the sample XCode project with the design files and tweak your app to your heart’s content.

Saves You Money
At the price of $70 for a bundle of four themes, your risk is greatly reduced and you have a lifetime guarantee. Try out the themes and there is no time limit on when you can ask for your money back.

Helps You Sell More Apps
As I said earlier, with a custom design, your potential buyers see you as professional contender and will want to download your apps. You can also give you users a unique experience so they can tell others about your app.

Get the Special Deal Bundle – Only for a limited time

Each theme in the bundle is sold for $70 separately, which amounts to $280 in total. As a special discount for Inspired Mag readers, you can get all themes in the bundle for $70.

The bundle is only available until the 12th of December, 2011 so if you think it is for you, go ahead and download it now.

Also, App Design Vault offers a lifetime money back guarantee on this deal. That’s right! If you buy it and don’t like it, you can come back to the Vault in 4 years and still get your money back.

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