iOS 7 tab bar icons by IconBeast

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IconBeast has just published a new set of iOS 7 tab bar icons. The new pack contains over 300+ icons with both active and inactive state. One must take a note that the inactive icon does not only change its color, but it changes the overall design as well. This is where IconBeast shines because it prepares both the active and inactive icons in the right manner.

IconBeast, famous with its regular update has once again gives this update for free to all its previous buyers. IconBeast Pro, now contains more than 2000 iOS tab bar and toolbar icons has never looked better with its new revamped site. With the new site, buyers can buy the icons separately in smaller set ranging from $15 to $25. However, I will still recommend IconBeast Pro ($75), simply because it contains everything and you are able to get future update for free.

IconBeast Pro | 2000+ iOS Tab Bar Icons

IconBeast Lite 7 | 50 Free iOS 7 Tab Bar Icons


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