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Many website owners have difficulties deciding where to place items in order to get the most views. Often designers find it difficult to visualize just how visitors are interacting with different parts of their website. This is where SeeVolution enters the picture, by offering a software that overlays a website’s real-time analytics and a variety of useful heatmaps onto a site.

What makes SeeVolution so great is the fact that you can do everything directly from your website. After having signed up all you need to do is add a JavaScript to the site you want to monitor. After you have done this a small _ will appear on your site. When you click this a new login window appears. After logging in all the data is overlaid right on top of your website, with a heatmap showing both clicks as well as page scrolls.

One of the great uses of the live onsite maps is that it allows owners to discover what parts of their website are popular and which areas need some more work, this is really important when deciding which areas need to be optimized and which areas are already functioning according to plan. As you can see below it seems as if many readers are interested in the freebies on Inspired Mag.

Furthermore since research has shown that the location of your mouse is often also where your eyes are looking, SeeVolution also tracks mouse movement. The importance of this information is that if you know where users keep their mouse then you also have a fairly accurate indication of what they are reading. The screenshot below shows the mouse movement on Inspired Mag.

The third and for many owners very important information is where on their website, the so-called “fold” lies in other words how far down the page do visitors scroll, this gives you precise data on which elements should be before this fold.

As we mentioned earlier in the review, SeeVolution also offers a great real-time analytics, it shows you up to the minute view of your site’s user activity. This is real-time data you can’t live without!

Another great aspect about their service is the price, ranging from $29 to $149 for the professional package. Furthermore for large websites and custom solutions also offers an Enterprise Plan for its clients.

After having tested SeeVolution for a few days, I must admit that it is probably one of the best analytical tools I have ever used. Not only is it extremely easy to set up and use, however the heatmap and mouse move map simply make this tool amazing.

What tools do you use for analytics and/or behavioral tracking? Leave a comment below.

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