12 Must See Presentations on Interaction Design

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Last week was a great week for interaction design in Dublin as IxDA – a global network dedicated to the professional practice of Interaction Design – organized their latest event there. Check out 9 amazing presentations that blown.my.mind!

Aristotle’s Storytelling Framework for the Web

A step-by-step approach, using Aristotle’s view on Greek tragedy as it’s core, that will help designers design solid interactive projects that engage customers in the right way.

The Language of Interface

A presentation discussing the role of content in interfaces, what it influences, and why it is so important.

Concept to Code: the importance of Code Literacy in Interaction Design

The DNA of our industry is rapidly evolving. Devices are multiplying like a zombie plague; once immutable patterns are being challenged; interface conventions are changing at an incredible pace.

Culture + Design Interactions

This talk was presented at Interactions12 (IxDA International Conference) in Dublin, Ireland (Feb. 2, 2012). In this talk I propose a framework for designers to develop a deeper understanding of cultural awareness. Note: There were 2 video clips that were part of this presentation that aren’t included here.

Artificial emotional intelligence

His slides from Interaction 12. Now with added notes!

How Being a Jock Makes a Better Interaction Designer

Restoring a sense of wonder to Interaction Design

The Mobile Frontier

Mobile user experience is a new frontier. Untethered from a keyboard and mouse, this rich design space is lush with opportunity to invent new and more human ways for people to interact with information

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