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If you spend anytime on Reddit you’re probably familiar with the term “lurker.” I don’t know if there is an UrbanDictionary definition for the term, but it’s basically someone that has an account, or continues to come back to a site time-after-time, day-after-day – reads lots of the material, but generally doesn’t participate.

As connected as I am – I’m a lurker.

And one of my favorite blogs to “lurk” – one I’ve been reading for years, but never participated is:

Bruce Turkel’s “Turkel Talks”

Bruce TurkelBruce is the CEO of a Brand Management firm in Miami (just across the way from me!). I first learned of him 2 or 3 years ago when a friend attended a speaking event he was hosting. She was very impressed (and as cool as she is – she’s very hard to impress) so I checked him out. I’ve been lurking on his blog ever since.

Every week or so he writes a post and every week or so I’m amazed. Now – I typically view web writing as a means to an end, and advise clients in this manner – the more you write, the more often you write, the more likely search engines will find and respect your site. However, Bruce proves once again that quality is so much more important than quantity.

He doesn’t write often, but each post is filled with amazing gems. 

Turkel Talks brings together our world as consumers, business owners, etc. and teaches us about the way we all interact (with each other, with the companies we do business, etc.). If it is not the most important blog you need to be reading, it’s definitely up there with the top 10.

I decided to write this post today because, as our name implies, Bruce’s blog again inspired me this morning. So with that said I thought I would highlight a few of his recent posts and how they can help inspire you as developers, freelancers, business owners, or people simply interested in the web.

Lions and Tigers and Planes, Oh MyThe importance of direct communication – This round about post regarding the creation of an LTE network that will compete with the major Wireless Telecoms takes a little while (and I believe that is part of the point) to demonstrate that very few care about technology. Only Turkel can bring together Apple’s Steve Jobs, satellites, and politics proving how important your message, your delivery, and your language are in solving real problems and truly communicating.

What Business Are You In?Understand your REAL business – I promise after reading this post you’ll have a different take on business in general – and if you’re an owner of a business – your own brand and message. Don’t believe me? Even the CEO of Dominos knows “he’s NOT in the pizza business.”

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing – Finally a successful CEO admits what we all secretly know, and all fear others might find out!

Deth Bye A Thowsend CutzThe importance of writing -Learn how important great writing is in communicating as well as establishing legitimacy both on and offline.

The Internet Giveth and The Internet Taketh Away – Are you a business owner thinking about using the Internet to advertise your business? This interesting take on modern consumers’ ability to both find AND evaluate your business won’t necessarily turn you away from online advertising, but may convince you that, the same savvy consumers that find you online are better equipped to evaluate and spread their opinion of their experience with your company than ever before.


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