Inspired Talks – The Secret of Finding Inspiration in Your Network

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Here comes a new edition of Inspired Talks, a journey we started a few weeks ago in search of inspiration sources, stories and rants from interesting people in the creative community. Today our host is Alex Mathers, aka Moon Ape, also responsible for the new Inspired Mag logo. Thanks Alex!

For me, inspiration comes in many forms, and often at very unexpected times, including in the shower. These days, the bulk of inspiration comes to me via the web. With the work I do, I keep an eye out for the mainly visual work of other artists. One of the best sources of inspiring work comes from what people alert me to in my online network. Sometimes a friend will send me an email with an interesting link, or I’ll see something mind-blowing on social media sites.


Because I make a point of building up a network of people that share my passions online and offline, I am in constant connection with things like artwork, design and photography. It is those pieces that excite me that form the inspirational framework of my daily life. Anything that is completely remarkable or unique will inspire me, but it is particularly work that transmits a strong message whilst remaining effortlessly simple that will grab me the most. An example of this that I came across recently on Twitter was a blog post with a list of simple, but beautifully designed logos.


Because I am very active with my contemporary illustration site, Ape on the Moon, I find that from a visual perspective, it is most of the inspiration that I need to keep motivated about my own work. I am in contact with very special illustrators on most days, and spend a lot of time looking through often jaw-dropping creative work. Part of the reason for setting up the blog was to allow myself and others to gain a regular stream of inspiration from a large range of illustration talents.


My main recommendation for those seeking concentrated and meaningful inspiration, would be to keep building up connections with people that really share your interests and passions, interact with them regularly and actually share what you find that inspires you with other people. You never know what you will get back one day in the form of inspiration. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to start and build these crucial relationships, as are your email contacts. I have just launched a blog called Red Lemon Club, which discusses a lot on issues related to online networking.

In today’s crowded, highly connected and fast-paced world, with seemingly endless sources of information, it is important for everyone to to build a network that focuses on what inspires us.

Alex Mathers is an illustrator, and writer for Red Lemon Club, a site providing ideas for successful freelancers. He also runs contemporary visual arts site Ape on the Moon.