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Have you ever wished there was an easier way for your website visitors or potential customers to connect with you? Often when visitors find something they want to discuss with the author of a website the contact information is difficult to find or in many cases simply no existent.

This is what vCita aims to change, they offer a new way to engage and meet your online audience, acquire clients and provide services online. vCita can really help enhance any business website, whether you are a web developer or a small business, vCita offers forms, contact options, appointment scheduler that can easily be integrated into pretty much any platform, furthermore it can be customized to meet all your needs to help increase conversion rate of visitors to contact requests and clients.

Furthemore vCita offers a lot to business owners in client communication, contact and calendar management, email marketing and billing. Not only will they create a specialized contact form for you, but they will add a proactive contact form to your site which encourages visitors to contact you, what’s great is that the pop-up form makes it possible for visitors to contact you and even schedule a meeting all within the same page they were visiting.

User Friendliness:

Having used vCita for less than a week I can tell you that it is really straight forward. If you want to register you can do this in the top right hand side of the screen, furthermore if you prefer to use Facebook you can connect your account there with vCita. This of course makes signing up a breeze.

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The main features of vCita include a proactive contact form, as well as the standard form you are familiar with. According to the website, “vCita’s contact forms are designed to generate more leads from your website. It uniquely combines a simple setup for any website, with customization according to any color scheme and branding, in addition to online scheduling and management of all client interactions.”

What makes vCita so easy to work with is the fact that creating a new contact for is as easy as drag and drop, first you need to decide what kind of contact form you want, then you need to decide what text you want to have appear on the form, as well as what data you want to collect from your visitors. What makes vCita great is the fact that you can customize the colors to fit the color scheme of your website. You can check out what their contact forms have to offer here.

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Within the meetings scheduler you can easily set up your own schedule for the time when you are available to help customers. What’s great here is that you can set your own hours, so if you suffer from insomnia feel free to schedule meetings for 4 AM. Furthermore scheduler allows you to sync your account with sync with any existing calendar or phone. You can check out a video of how this works right here.

It makes creating contact forms as simple as clicking a button, there is not need for you to learn difficult coding, since they will create a new contact form for you in just a few seconds. What’s great is that if you use a certain color scheme for your website then you can implement this into your contact widget as well.

While vCita is great if you have a lot of interaction with your customers, it might not be the best service for all website owners. If you are not in a business where contact with customers and future clients is important then perhaps vCita isn’t what you are looking for.


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They offer a very comprehensive section with FAQs where users can find tutorials and answers to almost all questions they might be facing. Furthermore the free version offers email support, while the subscription plan offers priority email support as well as phone support if needed.


vCita offers two subscription plans, the first one is a free plan, while the other is a monthly or annual subscription plan.

vCita will start charging a fee if you would like to remove their promotional links, or if you want to personalize the contact forms even further than what the free option offers. Furthermore if you want to utilize the phone conferencing services offered by vCita then you also have to pay. Another area where vCita will charge you is if you are collecting money through vCita, in other words if you request a deposit or want to set a fee for your meetings then you need to sign up for a subscription package with vCita. The paid subscription also include advanced scheduling options, calendar synchronization, automated calendar management and client follow-ups.

vCita offers a 14 day free trial, after which they will charge $15.35/month if you are subscribing on a monthly basis, and they will charge $9.75/month if you subscribe on an annual basis.

Final Conclusion:

After having spent some time with vCita you really start to see all the different services they offer and just how important these might be in the future. Even though the website might look a little dull at first, if you are looking for a quick and easy way for your visitors to get in touch with you, or even set up a meeting then vCita is definitely something you should look into.

Another great offer is that web professionals are invited to get vCita at 65% discount, and  make money from every site they add one of the vCita components to, you can learn more about their program here.

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