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Every website owner’s worst nightmare is having an inaccessible site without knowing about it. The moment your website goes down you are losing visitors rapidly, furthermore if visitors see an inaccessible website chances are they will not return.  And it’s not just human visitors you need to be worried out.  If search engine spiders regularly find issues with your site they’ll hit you where it hurts – in your organic rankings!

All that will change if you use’s website monitoring service.  You can easily add your websites and then get notified about downtime – the moment it happens. Not only do they monitor your uptime but they will send you an email or SMS  alert the moment your site goes down.

User Friendliness

One of the great things about StatusCake is the fact that the website is very easy to use. Everything from how to add a new website to how to set up the correct notifications is very easy and well explained.
Signing up is very easy all you need to do is click the button on the top right hand corner of the website, then decide which payment plan is the right one for you, enter your information and you are ready to go.
In the event that your website goes down you can ask Status Cake to notify you through Email or SMS messages, furthermore if you prefer you can receive notifications through push notifications for iOS and Android devices such as  Boxcar or Pushover,.  They’ll even notify you by Twitter if that’s more your thing.



One of StatusCake’s great strengths is its support and customer service.  First port of call might be the  Knowledge Base with FAQs where users can find the answers to any questions they might have.  StatusCake also have Live Chat where they can instantly talk to one of the StatusCake team about any questions with their account, or product features.  Unlike other online services no sending off an email to an anonymous email address and waiting days to get an answer back!


StatusCake offers several different plans ranging from a free plan, which nevertheless offers the ability to monitor unlimited websites, right up to a business plan costing $29.99/month which would suit even the biggest of companies. The free plan offers unlimited website monitoring with five minute checks, while the $4.99/month offers the ability to choose the location from which your website is monitored, one minute checking as well as 5 free SMS credits. The Superior version will set you back $9.99/month and offers 8 testing locations. Finally they offer a Business plan for $29.99/month this service offers the same as all the others however it checks your status every 30 seconds and sends an unlimited number of SMS.  All of the paid plans offer malware checks, means that as well as checking for downtime StatusCake checks that your site doesn’t contain any malware of malicious code that could cause harm to your visitors, as well as content matching.  If you want to get an alert when something changes on the web-page StatusCake does this for you. See the full pricing table here.


After having tried StatusCake for a few days I think it is really a pretty good tool that will make website maintenance and optimization much easier for designers.The best thing about StatusCake is no doubt the price, I mean how can you compete with a free price tag; and yet there’s plenty more features there which give enough appeal to justify signing up for a paid account.  .  With other nice features like StatusCake Tools which help you test, understand and improve the load time of your website, as well as Real User Monitoring which shows you in real-time how visitors find your website, there is much to like about StatusCake.

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