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Everybody knows what it’s like to be at a loss for inspiration when it comes to work. Yet if you have a job in one of these offices, just looking around may be all you need to reinvigorate creativity. These offices are around the world in a variety of different industries. But the one thing they all have in common is gorgeous or innovative décor that probably makes coming in to work every day not so bad at all.

Metzler Office
Image from Flickr

From the Metzler offices in Seattle, this boutique real estate investment bank takes style seriously. A sleek and spacious design is accompanied by an amazing view of the city of Seattle.

Amsterdam Science Park
Image from Flickr

The Science Park Amsterdam is a hub of research, education and knowledge-intensive companies that takes up 70 hectares of space in Eastern Amsterdam. One small part of the entire complex, this entry way of an educational building, is as bright as the futures of the many students that study there.

Ideo Office
Image from Flickr

There’s no shortage of inspiration at Ideo, but this office feature is definitely unique. Many offices struggle with offering employee parking, but not so much here. Not only is biking to work encouraged in Palo Alto, its part of the décor.

The Networking Hub
Image from Flickr

The Networking Hub is re-imagining office space in all kinds of ways. This company gives entrepreneurs access to a number of office services including meeting rooms, and co-working space. The innovative idea for bringing independent workers together also gives them hardwood floors, brick walls, and high ceilings to keep them motivated.

Google Chicago Office
Image from Flickr

When you think about ingenuity in the digital age, there’s no denying that Google is the leader of the pack. The creativity and whimsy in their daily Logo designs give us a glimpse inside their heads and it’s no different when you get inside their offices. Colors, gum and even the occasional lava lamp decorate the enchanted land of Google Chicago.

Seeduwa, Sri Lanka
Image from Flickr

The Factory Complex in Seeduwa, Sri Lanka may have been awarded the Leeds Platinum Award for being one of the world’s greenest clothing factories, but they also deserve an award for style.

Enexis Office
Image from Flickr

The new Enexis’s regional office in Maastricht designed by Atelier PRO focuses on organic materials. As the primary Energy Management Company for most of Netherlands their interest in sustainable housing is more than commendable. Who wouldn’t be inspired working around so many green initiatives literally and figuratively?

Resource Interactive
Image from Flickr

The “thinking space” at Resource Interactive might be a thing of the past, but their design aesthetic is both nostalgic and forward thinking. The bean bag chairs are reminiscent of the 80’s but the bright greens that populate this company’s office and branding are totally now.

Dearborn Train Station
Image from Flickr

For office space with a real sense of “motion” there’s nothing quite like the Dearborn Train Station. With parts of the building converted to office space and windows reminiscent of train cars, here is a great place to keep business moving.

DC Office Design
Image from Flickr

This DC office space seems a little cold, but still spectacular. The bright lights that adorn the elevators add a futuristic touch to this wide open space.

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  • Great office designs. The Metzler offices in Seattle and Enexis’s regional office in Maastricht are my favorites!

  • Wouldn’t mind to work in such an office ;)