Inspired Giveaway: 3 Subscriptions to Ultimate Designer Toolkit’s 60.000 Designer Items!

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Inspired Giveaways are back baby! Four some of you, the name Ultimate Designer Toolkit will sound familiar, as we recommended the Mighty Deal that featured this ginormous collection of high quality designer items a few months ago. But that was only half-priced! This time 3 of our readers will get the entire pack for FREE, thanks to our friends from! Scroll down to see how you can grab this goodie!

What is  Ultimate Designer Toolkit?

Probably the biggest bundle for web designers & developers, sporting an astounding 60,000 items in one single pack:

As if 60,000 resources is not enough, your membership gives you 1 full year of unlimited access to download all the forthcoming goodies. Each week they add new premium resources that you can download, if you have the membership. Make sure you subscribe to their RSS feed to receive our latest updates.

WIN a 1-year  Ultimate Designer Toolkit membership:

  • tweet this: Win 3 premium Ultimate Designer Toolkit subscriptions from @InspiredMag RT to enter the giveaway!
  • leave a comment telling us what would you use the subscription for

We’ll randomly pick a winner and make the announce here in two weeks from now. Good luck everybody!!

Or get it for HALF the price – only $49.9!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait two weeks for the results or you’d like to enjoy the 60.000 items right away, you can use the INSPIREDMAG coupon while checking out on their site and you’ll get a $50 discount! That’s tight, you get the same value for only half the price, thanks to your Inspired Mag buddies!

BTW, you can subscribe to the newsletter as well, and besides getting awesome deals in your newsletters, you’ll get the chance to win an iPad 2 on the 1st of each month.

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  • Maggie Dziong

    It would be super useful for my freelance work!

  • We are just in the process of designing and creating an all digital, online-only women’s magazine called SISTER and i am doing all the layouts and graphics. thos Kit would be sooooooo useful and a Great Source of inspiration!!

  • Kelley Giffen!/winterhart/status/133556125672017920

    I would use this for my budding design business.

  • I would love to use those items in my webdesigns.

  • Stfan

    Hi, awesome giveaway. I would like to win a subscription so that I can use these wonderful vectors, patterns, styles… etc in my uni projects and for clients.
    My tweet is:!/k1922h/status/133595507850346498


  • GlaucidiumGnoma


    I would use them on Web sites and in ebooks, thanks!

  • Please enter my self in this promotion. I am a new designer trying to break into the market and this would be very helpful in designing a wider selection of websites,Logos, business cards and more. re tweeted @!/XFASTPC
    Thanks very much

  • Caspy

    I would use this giveaway for my first web design project:)!/djcaspy

  • Aaron Kato

    I’d use them as references for amazing illustrations.

  • Kim

    Always searching for new and inspiring design resources for my library.

  • This would really help me with my freelancing!!/iTrippedOver/status/133694514262056960

  • Mambler215

    I would use the CSS framework the most to code personal and professional sites.

  • Pam

    This would be an amazing resource for every designers arsenal. Please count me in.

  • Brendan

    This will definitely help me in making myself a better designer!
    Indeed a ultimate toolkit!

  • monique!/Jesusismygrace/status/133782497594060800

    Oh wow, this will help but my up and coming freelance design business on the map

  • kovitimi

    Build a website and a fan page for my yoga students help to spread happiness and health.

  • I have a dream to redesign our school website and make it Wooooooooow! This would help, thanks and have a wonderful day!

  • It would really help with my web design and video editing :)!/RadicalGravity/status/133930549613043712

  • sidd
  • David

    I’d love this for my church ministry work. Bring it!

  • Devin

    I would use it to start my dog-walking/pet-sitting business I plan to start soon

  • I’m setting up a group of middle-school students with a blog for them to do reviews of apps, YouTube videos, and Xbox games. Several items in the bundle would be great for their editing endeavors. (Real goal is for them to learn about design and production, but also have to make learning fun for them)

  • Kaitlyn

    I would use the kit to keep designing and build a proper website now that I’m done school!

  • Just starting design school, this pack would an incredible resource for starting me on the right path!

  • I would love this to help get me back into freelance.

  • mrcapncaveman

    As a beginning Design student this would sure give me a boost up and inspire some cool creativity. Thanks.!/mrcapncaveman/status/135608433251598336

  • TRY

    Tweeted here –!/give4away/status/135969635970465793

    I would definitely use the subscription for designing and building some cool and nice looking websites and making WP themes if possible.Thanks for the giveaway.

    Best Regards

  • Carlos

    As any other designer, I have an archive of resources that I use for my projects. If I win this giveaway, those 60,000 designer items would definitely find a warm and cozy home in the archive in the company of the other resources I have accumulated through the years. It’s definitely an awesome collection and I’m really hoping to win this giveaway! Count me in! :)

  • As a budding website designer and graphic artist, I have been looking at redesigning a few of my sites and create a few tutorials to help others learn – this resource would be such a great aid to me allowing me to illustrate things easily.