Inspired Giveaway – Win The Threadless Book

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We’re very happy to announce a special edition of our Inspired Giveaway series, this time in collaboration with Harris and Wilson. Are you ready for the most inspirational book about the most inspirational concept behind the most inspirational t-shirt shop ever? I sure hope so! Cause we’re giving away Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts from the World’s Most Inspiring Online Design Community


t-shirts by Threadless

The favorite destination for all the tees enthusiasts out there for over 10 years, Threadless recommends itself as a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you!

The Book

“Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts from the World’s Most Inspiring Online Design Community” is not your usual coffee table book as you could expect – actually, besides showcasing 300 amazing t-shirt designs, it’s full of insights and inspirational tips & tricks for creative people from founder Jake Nickell and other micro-famous contributors like Olly Moss or uber-famous authors like Seth Godin or John Maeda.

Sneak Peak

Don’t want to wait till next Friday to see how the book looks like? Download a few spreadsheets or buy the book on Amazon for $15.30


To participate, simply:

  • leave a comment about The Threadless Book and why you’d like to get it
  • tweet this Win the Threadless Book from @Threadless and @InspiredMag RT to enter!

The contest will end next Friday and we’ll select a random winner.

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  • I’d look super awesome reading this book while sitting on a pile of threadless tshirts !

  • I would like to win Threadless book so I could also wear Threadless in mind.

  • Because I have seen some screenshots and I love it!

  • The book looks awesome and besides that – I love their t-shirts

  • Kat V

    I must admit, I’m may not be the biggest fan of Threadless, but I believe I’m its newest!

    I’ve seen many of the designs submitted at Threadless online (from different sites) already, and I always thought, “Wow, these would make great shirt designs!” And when a friend told me to look at Threadless only yesterday, they were there! And they WERE being made into shirts!

    Threadless is amazing and mesmerizing, and I’d like to win the book so I can learn more about this inspiring company that had just been my new favorite site to shop!

  • Paul

    So i can see the shirt that I’m wearing without looking in the mirror

  • because it’s so cool

  • As a Student currently studying textile printing it would be a great book to bring into class to read and enjoy

  • So amazing! So inspirational for an aspiring entrepreneur like myself : )

  • Jeanne Schaser

    Wow, this book looks super cool! I love Threadless and design.

  • Samantha

    Because Threadless is mind blowing in every way and it really shows what the design community can do.

    It’s fun but holds the highest standards of design and they have a created a unique business model that supports talented artists.

    It’s like holding innovation in your hands! And for some of us who don’t have have a lot of money that’s a pretty special thing.

  • Winning this book would be amazing because I could duct tape it to my check and it be like walking around wearing a Kevlar vest!

  • Melissa Morris (Stormy Sea Studio)

    I would like to win this book to prove to my friends & family that I AM a winner! ;)

  • I’d like it because of the inspiration that is contained within the pages.

    Plus, I really, really like books.

  • Tweeted @mesopinions
    Been a buyer at threadless for quite some years already, I would love to get that book !!

  • I’d like to win this fantastic book ’cause I’ve been recently employed by an italian printing company that has t-shirt as one of their favourite medium, so I can gain inspiration, do my own and gain more more clients!

  • Jess

    I would like the Threadless book because it would be great to see the highlights of Threadless – a super awesome company!

  • I’d like to get it because it would be a nice addition to my inspirational books collection and also because i love threadless designs n_n

  • I’ve loved Threadless since I first saw the artwork that they promote, it’s the place I always go to get inspiring, funky and comical t-shirts and having the book would allow me to see the best of the artists new and old.

  • Simply love it! Go Go Go…! (@goodwebdesign)

  • Because I wear t-shirts to work, as an entrepreneur, and look forward to being inspired!

  • Phyllis Michelini

    I’ve been a designer for 30 years and books like this help keep me current and inspired. I love to see what comes from others minds.

  • Alicia

    I find Threadless’ business model inspiring and I do love their shirts!

    I’m interested in pursuing online business goals that focus on leading ventures allowing “the little guys” to have a stake in the creative product market. While Threadless doesn’t focus on marginalized artists/artisans, it does provide a way for the average person to benefit from creative production in their own home.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • i have more than 10 tshirts of threadless. im from brazil and always when my sister comes here (she lives in chicago) she gets a bag with my predilects stamps! the book is a nice idea. very nice pra xuxu!! sorry 4 my en_US!

  • Tat

    Who wouldn’t want the Thredless book?!

    Actually now that I think about it I wonder about those people, why wouldn’t you want it?

  • Yin

    Would love to get it to gain some insight from others!

  • i too need Threadless book
    thanks!!! for sharing


  • Millca

    I love my three Threadless t-shirts and wear them all the time! I’d love to read about their creative process!

  • Mark Todorovich

    I wont lie and say that I have your t-shirts or anything else. This is the first time I heard about Threadless and because of that I want to learn something more… ;)

  • Big fan of Threadless, have a least twenty t-shirts!

  • Bjorn

    Because hubabuba

  • Jaro MLkvý

    I need imspiration! :)

  • mmmmmmmarija

    I want it because no Threadless t-shirt collection is complete without the book! :D

  • Hi, awesome giveaway. Please do count me in. I would love to own this book because I am always interested to go through Design Inspiration. I also get a chance to learn something new on Design.

    My RT url:!/designer_digest/status/6028693352742912

  • i do simply want it because it can be judged by it’s cover. it makes you aware of and excited all the dreams waiting for you inside. and i do wanna live, feel all those dreams.

  • The Threadless book would be a wonderful source of inspiration, and a way to look back at the success of Threadless. I would love to be included in this contest!

  • this book is creazy ;)

  • AL

    I’d like to be able to look back on all the shirts I missed out on buying ><"

  • AlE

    Because it’s an amazing source of inspiration!!

  • Cheshirebat

    I would wear this book ANYDAY!

  • Etienne Richard

    I’d like to win this book because it’s a huge source of different styles of illustrations. Because they all are very nice and because I have a lot (maybe too many) Threadless tees at home. ^_______^

  • Hmmm, why I would win this book? It’s filled with nice illustrations that are simply inspiring when you’re out of inspiration.

  • Stacy

    I would like to win the book to use as design inspiration.

  • Grig

    Because it looks amazing and unique. :))

  • It looks like a great resource for funny and inspiring shirts/designs. LOVE Threadless :)

  • Super cool book, really love Threadless designs.

  • ami

    i like books. and i like Threadless.

  • Timothy Laurie Ang

    this will be a great book to get inspired with!

  • I’d like to win it because it’s an awesome book.

  • Zee

    This would be really awesome to have! Imagine all those beautiful designs all in one book. It would be a big and rich source of inspiration for me!

    It really is AWESOME!

    Oh, dear universe, let me please have this book.

  • I want the Threadless book to keep my creative juices flowing cuz there’s some cool stuff in there… and I’d tell everybody i won it at Inspired Mag, aint no shame in promoting this site.

  • I want the Threadless book beacuase i design t-shirt and this is an amazing inspiration about that. I love their style and I want to be like them!!

  • Paul


    My reason why i want it is maybe not that creative but serious as hell.

    My girlfriend love threadless shirts, she had two of them. And her birtday birthday is in december, i could not imagine better gift for her. And besides – i’ll have one problem less on my head ;)

    Come on, help a decent guy. :)

  • jackie

    its an amazing book id love to have! it serves as inspiration when i design, im always looking for website but havein a book would be ten times better :)

  • This book is so awesome that even if I don’t win (and get it), I’ll buy it anyway!

  • Caroline

    I looove threadless inspiration!!

  • Nicola

    Shut up and give me the book.

  • I want the book for free so I can see why you never accepted any of my submissions!

  • Always a pleasure never a chore!

  • Jen


  • Dipak Patel

    I hope there are lots of pictures and not to much reading. I need inspiration in a flash. I spend all day reading my bills!

  • i am amazing wiht this revolution of the tees and is a great inspiration for me

  • I’m a big fan of Threadless

  • Piotr

    Same as everyon I would love to see it all in print. “““““““““yay!

  • I would like to win the book, because I really enjoy the selection of art Threadless have gather over this years.

  • I suppose I’m way too late :( I really, really want the Threadless book though. My favorite t-shirt designs always sitting on my coffee table? Sign me up!