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What’s the most annoying browser according to developers? The answer actually doesn’t matter, because a good programmer knows that users all have different favorites. Browser compatibility is extremely important with websites these days. What works in Chrome may look odd or not even function in Internet Explorer. Losing users over browser bugs you could’ve easily taken care of really shouldn’t even be an option.

With The Cross Browser Handbook by Daniel Herken, you can make sure your design and code are always working perfectly, no matter the browser or the device. And if you take advantage of this limited time offer through Mighty Deals, you’ll save over 50% off the regular price!

The Cross Browser Handbook Highlights:

100+ Instructional Pages
In 120 pages, you’ll learn the importance of programming and designing for multiple browsers, as well as multiple devices. With so many people surfing on their smartphones and tablets, as well as computers, you want to make sure they have an enjoyable experience and stick around.

Learn the Basics
For starters, this guide will teach you the best practices to follow so that you’ll always be keeping compatibility issues to a minimum. You’ll get the lowdown on why you should care, how browsers are developed in the first place, and how to create a proper DOCTYPE.

Internet Explorer Issues
IE seems to be a constant thorn in developers’ sides. Not to worry, as you’ll learn how to handle Internet Explorer’s various compatibility modes. You’ll also learn how to override a user’s default browser styling.

Modern Programming
The latest coding practices like HTML5 and CSS3 won’t work with many older browsers. There’s still ways to maintain compatibility, however, and this guide will show you how.

There’s a slew of JavaScript quirks and bugs between browsers and this guide will teach you all about them. You’ll also get the skinny on exactly which JavaScript framework you should be using and why.

Multiple Browser Support
You won’t just be learning how to make sure your code can be compatible with just 1 or 2 browsers. You’ll learn how to spread that compatibility among today’s most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, as well as various devices such as Android and iOS ones.

Testing Tools
There are a slew of tools available these days to help test across browsers and devices. Learn which ones to use, why you should test, as well as how to test various mobile and tablet devices.


Table of Contents

About the Author

Daniel Herken has been a contract software developer in Germany for the past years, specializing in cross-browser and cross-device web development. His company, BrowseEmAll, has created a cross-browser testing tool to help his fellow developers test websites. In this book he describes his knowledge gained by hundreds of hours searching and fixing cross-browser compatibility problems. He currently lives in Munich and loves to chat about browsers, mobile devices and web development.


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This includes the 120 page PDF book, access to the Knowledgebase, monthly newsletter, code templates to work off of, and code workshops that offer hands-on tutorials for various aspects of programming.

For the Team: Regularly $129, pay only $64
This includes the 120 page PDF book, Knowledgebase, newsletter, code templates, code workshops, and a Team License.

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