Must Read Inspirational Blogs & Websites for Creatives #6

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What do you mean your RSS reader is already full? You don’t wanna see mine! Anyway, this week we’re featuring some new, inspirational and (unfortunately) must read blogs for all you design, freelancing & creative ppl out there.

Type Goodness

This is a showcase, as well as a resource of inspiration and finding anything related to type. We cover anything from Digital, to Print, to showcasing free fonts

Theme Flash

The primary purpose of this site is to act as a platform for sharing web design related knowledge and resources

Devise Function

Devise Function was launched in January 2010 by professional web designer Matthew Heidenreich, who currently runs the website providing tutorials and resources to developers and designers across the web

Johnny Holland Magazine

Johnny is the means through which we communicate, with respect for his character. All articles we write have to be in line with this character

Pattern Pulp

Pattern Pulp is a web forum devoted to tracking ideas and emerging trends that expose, celebrate, share and connect pattern design across all creative platforms

App Sites

Daily showcase of great Mac & iPhone app websites

Now – you! What cool websites / blogs did you come across lately?

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