iNoobs: Best Practices on Shopping Cart Software for E-shop Designers

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When you go for designing an online store, you will learn that the store owners will only be interested in the number of online sales. In such a scenario, the success of your e-commerce website design will largely be determined by your ability in driving the website visitors to the “Checkout” button and inspire them for an action. To meet this objective of your clients, a designer needs to follow some unique design approaches to make the “Checkout” section more interesting and inspiring. The ability to design a perfect shopping cart software will help you win the appreciation of your client.

In order to ascertain that you have done it in the perfect manner and that your shopping cart solution will meet all the desired needs of your client; you need to stick to some best practices. Some of the essential elements of your shopping cart designing should be:

Attractive Shopping Cart Software:

Try to break the monotony. Instead of maintaining the same conventional look, try to give some exceptional look to your shopping carts. Include visually appealing elements in your shopping cart; particularly those which can inspire an action. Try to customize things as per the user and product categories. For example; while catering to the woman shoppers, think of the elements that are more likely to appeal a woman. By offering customized elements, you will try to communicate emotions and hence could bring more business results for your client.

Shopping Carts with a Greater Degree of Usability

Besides the aesthetic appeal, the functional efficiency of a Shopping Cart Software is very much desirable. For example, a shopping cart can be designed in a way, where a user gets the complete overview of his buying process on the website. This will help the user to keep track of his own activities and can enable them to alter his order before completing the buying process. Many shopping carts can be designed to recall previous shopping details of a user; such type of shopping records help a user to check his shopping patterns and also guides him to shop for his favorite items, which he can determine on the basis of his earlier shopping trends.

Shopping cart with content support

A shopping cart solution can also be used for information sharing and presenting the contents to a user. For example, a shopping cart can give an overview to a user about the information that is inside the shopping cart. It can also help them determine the minimum requirements needed to make a successful checkout. It’s always better to provide such information beforehand; as it could be irritating for a shopper, if he learns at the end that he is not eligible for shopping, or the delivery is not available in his area, or any such limitation. So, instead of allowing a shopper to complete the whole process of buying and then regret it, it is better if all conditional contents are conveyed in the beginning; as it will be considered as an appreciable approach.

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