iNoobs: setting up a games room

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So, you’ve finally got your hands on the PlayStation 4. Eager to get going, you tore it out of box and set it up without giving a second thought to its location. Now your gaming is regularly interrupted by family members demanding the TV and noisy, inconsiderate guests.

Designating a space and setting up a games room can change this. Here’s how to do it:

The basics

Of course, there are some essentials that every games room will need. A high-quality TV is first on the agenda – after all, why have a super-sleek machine if you’re going to hook it up to a fuzzy, old television?

The latest visual delight on the market is the range of 4K HD TVs, which use around 8 million screen pixels to produce unparalleled displays. Check them out on the Sony website.

When it comes to housing a TV and console, many people use a TV cabinet. While this is practical, it is not always fitting for a modern room. Rather, mount your TV onto the wall for a stylish look and unrivalled gaming experience.

If you do choose to fix your TV to the wall, don’t ruin the look of the room by sitting your console on the floor. Instead, purchase a piece of furniture that can house all of your gaming essentials. A console table, like those available from Wren Living, would be an ideal choice.

The tech

Once you’ve got your basics set up, you could kit your room out with all of the latest gaming gadgets.

For lengthy gaming sessions, you’ll need a comfortable chair – you don’t want an aching back to interfere with your performance! Specially designed gaming chairs, like the X Rocker Atom 2.1 from Argos, can help to immerse you in your gameplay with their in-built sound systems.

Investing in a controller charging dock can help to keep them in order, while giving you the power to play for longer. These are relatively cheap to buy: the ORB dual charge dock is just £12.49 on Amazon.

If your games room is located in a busy area of the house, distractions can be difficult to contend with. Block out the noise and concentrate on getting your game on with a high-quality headset. This Creative HS800 headset is specially tuned for gaming, and comes complete with a noise-cancelling microphone that’s perfect for online play.

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