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In today’s world, the importance of sharing content and information that you post on your site is vital to the success of your company, brand, or website. Without the ability for visitors to share your content, your site is not tapping into its full potential. While you can share much of the content on your website yourself, you will not reach your full potential unless organic visitors and fans of your brand are also sharing the content that they love.

Getting content that visitors actually want to share is a complicated process that has many different aspects. One of the biggest hurdles to creating sharable content is providing an easy way for visitors to share your content. If sharing content is difficult, then no one will do it. Try some of the following problem-solving techniques to improve the share-ability of your website:

Make sharing easy

The first thing you can do to improve the share-ability of your site is to make sharing easy. This is a multi-step process that requires a few different elements. First of all, make it easy to sign into your site and leave comments. If visitors have to log-in to a whole new system before they can comment on your content and share it with others, then they will likely skip it. If a sign-in is absolutely required, make it compatible with other common social sharing sites, like Facebook or Twitter, so that visitors can simply log-in with existing accounts.

Make the sharing buttons on your site visible under or above each post. The ideal placement for sharing buttons is above the fold of each post. Use the social site’s traditional colors (such as the traditional blue and white for Facebook) so that visitors can easily identify the popular brand and share quickly. Make sure you have a share button for all the most popular social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest.

Increase sharing with interesting content

Your content is what keep visitors coming back to your site, and it is also what will prompt visitors to share your content with others. The content must resonate with your visitors. Right now, one of the popular trends is numbered lists, such as 5 ways to tie a shoe, or 10 easy lunches to make at home. This simple, useful content is what people want to read and share with others. Insightful and thoughtful posts are also likely to increase your site’s “shares.”

Use engaging and related pictures

No one likes to visit a page full of text with no pictures. It is easier to get people to share your content if you include relevant and informative pictures along with each post. Before posting any pictures to your site, make sure you have permission to use the photo, or take your own photos. Higher-quality, professional photos are more likely to get shared than low-quality photos.

Make fun videos

Most people like videos. There are two types of videos that are commonly shared online; funny videos and informative videos. You can add either to your site to increase social shares and increase traffic. Informative videos are the easiest to make and bring in more serious visitors to your site. Funny videos simply make your visitors laugh and feel good about having visited your site. Consider what your brand is about and what you offer before choosing what kind of video to add.

Make your site mobile friendly

More people than ever are accessing web pages from their phones. This means that your website should be compatible with smart phones and their smaller screens. Many hosting platforms already offer a mobile edition of websites, but not all do. If yours does not, consider adding a mobile version of the site complete with easy-to-see mobile sharing buttons.

There are hundreds of other ways to increase the share-ability of your site, but these simple steps can go a long way toward increasing the overall effectiveness of your brand’s social platform.  Soon enough you’ll be swimming in followers and users, while that may seem daunting as well as exciting there are plenty of great ways to help you manage this new found popularity, one great recourse for doing so is Hubblr, but they aren’t the only ones. As this is becoming more and more important to companies and brands other tools and services are showing up on the scene. Both HootSuite and SproutSocial are also great ways of managing your social media interactions. With social becoming more and more important, you’ll want to insure your followers are seeing what you want them to see, and, ideally, sharing it too!

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This is a guest post by Liz Conaty, part time blogger and full time fashion fanatic. Entranced by innovations in womens clothing and the whole industry, I don't see this passion dying out any time soon!