iNoobs: How Popular is WordPress?

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How Popular is WordPressWordPress has certainly rocketed in popularity in the last few years. I am constantly being told how great it is and a large percentage of clients seeking to move their businesses onto the web or who want to launch a web based business or blog ask about the benefits of WordPress.

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Though how popular is WordPress really and how many people are really using it?

According to at the time of writing this article there were 52,617,600 active WordPress sites, with about half of them being hosted by currently sees around 500,000 new posts being uploaded each day in addition to about 400,000 new comments. In terms of monthly web traffic over 284 million readers view over 2.5 billion pages every month, a number that has grown by about 6 times the amount in the last 4 years.

Interesting WordPress Stats/Facts

  • 52,000,000+ WordPress Sites (about 50% hosted by
  • 500,000 new posts are made EVERY day!
  • 400,000 day total comments are made everyday on WordPress blogs/sites
  • Nearly 300 Million people read a wordpress blog every month
  • Over 2.5 BILLION pages are viewed every month

WordPress is used all around the globe, with blogs being written in more than 120 different languages. In fact only 66% of blogs are in English! The other most popular languages are Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian.

In terms of traffic compared to other publishing platforms WordPress has definitely established itself as the leader. According to Google Trends we saw the real breakthrough happen midway through 2006 when WordPress soared past Google’s Blogger and ever since has enjoyed a constantly widening gap and staying way in the lead.

Wordpress Google Trends

Who uses

It is really for everyone, from those just looking for a place to rant and rave or share their stories and adventures to small, medium and even gigantic businesses. Some of the big names you probably know who are publishing on WordPress include CNN, UPS, TechCrunch, NBC Sports and the NFL. or certainly aren’t the only publishing solutions out there or the only choices for launching new blogs and sites, though it is probably an option that you at least want to consider either as a business owner needing a web presence or a designer. What is right for you really depends on your individual needs.


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