Ingredients for an Awesome About Page

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your new website is almost ready to launch. You’ve spent weeks, possibly months perfecting the design. You’ve tested all of the links. You’re ready to launch. But there’s one page left.. your about page. Hmmm… What should you say about yourself? Should you add a photo of yourself? Nah. You decide to keep it simple with just a short paragraph and list of your services. Oh… and you include your email address and phone number.


If you were at a cocktail party or a job interview and you met someone for the first time would you just stand in front of them and tell them (in a robot voice) “I have been in business since 2009 and I am proficient in Word and Excel.”

No way, Jose.

You would spice it up. You would be interesting. You would want that person to think you are the coolest, smartest, most awesomest person they’ve ever met. The about page on your website shouldn’t be any different. If you’re like me, the about page is the first page you go to when you visit a website. I go there to get the real story. Who is the person? Who is this company? Why do I want to do business with them? Are they fun? Will we work well together? Do we have anything in common?

Your about page should be treated as one of, if not, the most important pages on your website. Here are a few ingredients to guarantee and awesome about page:

Great copy

Great copy is super important. This may be the most important part of your about page. If you’re lucky enough to have the budget for a good copy writer, you’re set. If you have to write your own copy, be sure it’s coming from the heart. And speak the truth. If you are the only employee of your company, don’t refer to yourself as “we”. Write it in a way that sounds like you’re talking to a friend while still being professional. Don’t just give a list of your services and call it day. Put some thought into. Cabedge, a design agency in Nashville has always had great copy on their website.


Awesome photography

Awesome photography can make or break, not only an about page, but an entire site. Everyone loves Apple’s website. I get it. It’s amazing. But why? Is it because of the white background? No. Is it because of the gray buttons? No. I’ll tell you why…It’s because of their amazing photography. They have put the time, effort, and money into the photography on their site. You should too. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have great photography. With the right styling and lighting, you can accomplish great things. One of my favorite design agencies, Fuzzco, has great photography of their space and their employees.



Videos can add a lot to an about page. Done right, it can create a “bookmark worthy” about page. A video? A video of what? Maybe it’s a video reel of your most recent projects. Or possibly a behind-the-scenes look into your company. It could even be a fun video of your entire team doing something crazy. Or a video shot in an artistic way that showcases your team and what you do. For instance, Blitz Agency in Santa Monica, California has an amazing example of an awesome “About Us” video.

Employee Profiles

Employee Profiles are a nice way for your viewers to get to know your peeps. Featuring your employees helps your clients gain trust in your company. Also, it’s important for people to put a name with a face. Each employee should at least have their photo, name, title and short bio. Paramore the Digital Agency, in Nashville has gone as far as making profiles for their resident dogs. Most business owners are afraid to show their employees for fear of poachers or head hunters stealing them away. But if your employees are happy they won’t leave. (I’ll talk more about how to keep your employees happy in my next post.)

Get Social

Tie in your social networks to your about page. If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, let it be known. Twitter and Facebook feeds are nice. But so are Instagram feeds. Check out what Scout Branding Company did on their about page. Each employee has an Instragram account. And when they post a photo to Instagram with hashtag #scoutbranding, it shows up on their about page. This gives the viewer an inside look into the culture at this office.



Illustrations are always nice. I love them. If you offer illustration as one of your services, then you should for sure feature them on your about page and throughout your website. Illustrations can add a nice design element to the overall layout of your about page. They give a nice break from your everyday run of the mill photography. One of my favorite illustrators is Matt Lehman from Nashville. Also, infographics are a pretty cool way to get your point across on your about page. Check out the illustrations the agency, Poppin did of each of their employees.


With all of that said, be different. Have fun with your about page. Cover the basics of who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you. But don’t stop there. You can do so much more with your about page. Take a look at for a wide range of amazing about pages.

Also, take a look at your own about page. If it’s not awesome… make it awesome. Use the ingredients listed above and you will be sure to have one of the best about pages on the web.


Jeremy Mitchell is a Senior Interactive Designer / Videographer at Scout Branding Company in Birmingham, Alabama. He runs the website, Showcasing the Best of the Best About Pages on the Web.