Infographics of the Week #19

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As you may know by now, Inspired Magazine is a sucker for data visualization. That’s why we invited Tony Shin – a social media ninja and creative design samurai – to curate the weekly dose of infographics. If you like them as much as we do check out some of the older editions and follow Tony on Twitter and Facebook as well!

1. 7 Billion

Recently, we hit a population of 7 billion people. That’s a whole lot of people. How will this affect us in 10 years? 20 years? This infographic by the Masters Degree Online team shows us a ridiculous visual of how the 7 billion stack up. As the population continues to increase, how will it affect social media? Businesses? Healthcare? The economy? Only time will tell. Check out the graphic for some beautiful visualizations.

Seven Billion

2. The Weight of Walmart

As far as the population has advanced, so has Walmart. This infographic by Frugal Dad shows us how far Walmart has come. “CEO Michael Duke makes more money in an hour than the average employee does in a year at Walmart.” Though it doesn’t sound very fair – and given the backlash Walmart has received for unfairly treating employees – regardless, they’ve come a long ways. A powerhouse retailer of corporate revenues reaching over $420 billion dollars last year and 2.1 million employees, Walmart will only become more powerful as time goes on. The way I see it, as population increases, so will Walmart’s superpower. Last but not least, the design of this infographic is absolutely gorgeous.

Weight of Walmart

3. The Math Science Shortage

As infographics continue to evolve and with hundreds being produced everyday, it’s really hard to pick the good ones. Then I came across this: a hand drawn infographic. There’s no way I could ever put something like this together, but it does the job and shows true creativity. Online Engineering Degree shows this true creativity by explaining the decrease behind S.T.E.M graduates and degrees. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have all taken a hit with this decrease and everyone wants to know why. Take a look at the graphic to find out.

STEM shortage

4. The Future Social CEO


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