Infographics of the Week #16

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As you may know by now, Inspired Magazine is a sucker for data visualization. That’s why we invited Tony Shin – a social media ninja and creative design samurai – to curate the weekly dose of infographics. If you like them as much as we do check out some of the older editions and follow Tony on Twitter and Facebook as well!

1. Generation Mobile

Technology advanced quicker than anyone had imagined. 10 years ago, an iPad was merely a prototype that seemed so futuristic, thoughts of that product seemed lightyears away. Now, we’re using iPads to stream movies, conduct classrooms and give presentations. Hack College provides us with an infographic illustrated from the data of a recent Facebook survey of college students and cellphones. The infographic states 97% of those they surveyed use phones for social networking. Which of those networks reign supreme? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with the letter ‘F’. No surprise there. Check out the infographic for other interesting stats you may not have known. (To find out the data samples of this survey, visit Hack College’s contact page.

Cellphone Survey

2. What’s Really Scary About Facebook Marketing?

As another Halloween passes by, Shoutlet has provided All Facebook with some interesting data on the fear of Facebook marketing. They’ve asked some “social media pros” about the fear of social media marketing. So what do they fear? According to their survey, 86% of corporations fear their social media accounts of being hacked. Why? Well, an example like the USA Today Twitter account that was recently hacked, should give you enough reason. Check out the graphic for more scares!

Scary Social Media

3. The Benefits of Beauty

Lately, it seems that there are a lot infographics about getting a job — especially in social media and technology — and it’s rightfully so. As the U.S. continues to travel down this bumpy road, everyone is fighting for their lives to hang on. If you were ever denied for a job, you may have felt some disappointment. However, one of the worst feelings that seem to be a thorn in everyone’s side is when someone who is undeserving or less qualified get the job you applied for. Online MBA Programs illustrates the benefits of beauty when it comes to getting a job. In fact, the benefits of beauty in life. I picked this infographic because the visualizations are absolutely gorgeous. The Ken & Barbie dolls to exemplify man vs. woman are genius. It has been a long time since I’ve seen illustrations in an infographic of this magnitude. Absolutely love it. Aside from the aesthetics, the topic at hand is quite the hot button issue in business and especially at such a rough time in the U.S. economy.

4. How Much Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season?

Even in such a recession, consumers don’t seem as frivolous when it comes to holiday shopping, and I can’t blame them. No price tag could ever be put on a child’s smile that Christmas morning when they open up that big box in a beautiful green and red wrap with a bright gold bow as the dot on the ‘i’. Lab42 presents us with some data that highlights some stats around how much consumers will spend. It’s no surprise that over 66% will be doing their shopping online, according to Lab42’s data. However, what is surprising is that 31% of those consumers who will shop this holiday season, will spend over $700 dollars on gifts. Given the hardships the U.S. economy is currently undergoing, I’m shocked to hear such a percentage. Check out the graphic for more facts!

Consumer Spends

5. Is It a Jobs Plan?

To close out the subject of jobs and economic hardships, this infographic the White House put together lays out Obama’s ‘American Jobs Act’ vs. ‘The Republican Alternative’ that was introduced in the Senate. I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to politics, but it does seem a bit strange that the White House would present such an infographic, obviously leaning toward Obama’s plan and putting down the Republican’s alternative plan. I get that being a Democratic President, he can pretty much do what he wants. However, is the White House entirely filled with Democrats? Are you telling me there are NO Republicans? I’m obviously poking a bit fun at the idea, but the infographic does present something that will affect the future of hundreds of millions of Americans and many others. Hopefully, this will be a step on the uphill climb toward a stable and prosperous economy.

Jobs Plan

A double major in Economics and Management from the University of Washington, this Seattle native regularly contributes his work to several other publications. He has moved into social media and creative design in hopes to help lead and innovate the future of information with others. Follow him on twitter: @ohtinytony