Infographics of The Week #13

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As you may know by now, Inspired Magazine is a sucker for data visualization. That’s why we invited Tony Shin – a social media ninja and creative design samurai – to curate the weekly dose of infographics. If you like them as much as we do check out some of the older editions and follow Tony on Twitter and Facebook as well!

1. Happy Birthday to AddThis

Sharing on the web is getting faster and bigger than ever. All social platforms are integrating some application whether it’s Facebook or Twitter to integrate and attract people to use their products. So what is everyone sharing? Celebrating the birthday of 5 year old AddThis, Clearspring dedicates this inforaphic how far along they’ve come. Illustrating the facts and stats, what I love overall about this infographic is that it shows the social behavior and growth, along with the share trends amongst some of the biggest social platforms out there.

2. Planet Text: How SMS Messaging is Changing the World

Whoever is reading this and is telling me they don’t text, is full of it. Everyone I know texts. My 56 year old mom texts me from time to time as well. Which is amazing because she barely speaks a lick of English. A once inefficient application has become the standard of communicating. Personally, I know for a fact, I text more than I talk on the phone. In fact, I text more times then the amount of minutes I’m allowed each month. MBA Online presents one of the most fascinating things about how text is being used. To verify the legitimacy of a pill sold in Ghana and Nigeria, receive checks & pay bills in Kenya, and last but not least, talk to their government in the Philippines (I was most shocked about this). Take a look and see how it’s changing everything.

3. Socializing Your Brand

A subject that many try to nail down, but never discuss. Weber Shandwick collaborates with Forbes Insights to put together an infographic on socializing your brand. Major companies aren’t quite there yet. A part in the graphic I found on Mashable that really stood out to me: The reality is that internal strategy, planning, cohesiveness and comfort in the digital space must come first if brand sociability is to even come at all. With that said, the presence that you have online really does make you more or less legitimate among the people you’re contacting. Many should take notice of this. It will help the major companies all across the board to rethink such strategies and make sure they’re being heard.

4. Facebook Enriches the College Experience

Facebook has ruled the social networking platform industry for some time now. Aside from the games and other fun applications, Facebook has other qualities that cater to the people it was original built for: students. Online PhD shows us this Facebook themed infographic that highlights some amazing education apps for Facebook. Though some suggest that Facebook only harms students and their abilities to learn, others would suggest that they would benefit from all the applications that make life as a student, a bit easier. Take a look at the graphic. What do you think?

5. Mobile Phone Evolution

Given the release of the iPhone 4S earlier this week, I thought this graphic might cap it for us. If you’ve seen any of the features that Apple’s new iPhone 4S, I can’t say you’ll be blown away, but you definitely won’t be disappointed. Wilson Electronics pulls out a timely infographic that highlights the evolution of the mobile phone. I remember my first mobile phone was so big and heavy, it was hard to carry that thing anywhere unless I had a backpack on. Think back on your first phone and all the applications, features and speed it had. Now, look at any smartphone. They’ve truly become much smarter and the evolution of the next mobile phone just might become revolutionary, even in today’s standards.

A double major in Economics and Management from the University of Washington, this Seattle native regularly contributes his work to several other publications. He has moved into social media and creative design in hopes to help lead and innovate the future of information with others. Follow him on twitter: @ohtinytony