Infographic: 2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

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Savvy web designers understand that websites have to do lots more than look good — they need to deliver ROI in the form of conversions. Whether your clients are selling directly through their website or using it to collect leads, every site you design should be the hub of their marketing efforts. As such, everything from the look and feel to the call-to-action must work together to deliver customers for your customers.
Keeping up with trends is important for any business. But when it comes to website trends, you want to make sure you’re on a path to improving your clients’ bottom line. Which will in turn, allow you to charge a premium for your services.
Fortunately, the website consulting team at The Deep End has put together an infographic exploring the top 2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions.
From aesthetics to functionality to all-important strategy, this list of 10 trends is packed with great ideas. But most important, it helps you understand how these tactics will help boost conversions. Try one or more of these ideas — or combine them — to help power up your website projects in the new year.

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