How important is website contingency? [Advertorial]

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It doesn’t sound special, but ‘website contingency’ is a phrase anyone looking to operate online should strongly keep in mind. This refers to all the various plans to keep your website operational – what would happen if your website was not performing well or something went missing? When all this happens, a backup plan is exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Time is money, so time wasted only costs you in the long run.

Short comings

Whether large or small, this is something that everyone faces. Take the recent downfall of IT firm e2e, which provided services to other customers and companies. As a result of poor website contingency, they ultimately went under when their services ceased to operate efficiently. Its customers were given a choice: pay a large sum up front or lose the service they were paying for – all thanks to the firm’s lack of foresight.

Other scenarios

While e2e could be regarded as an extreme example, it still happened to a big enough company that should have known better. So what could happen to you? Whether large or small, any business will face various risks online.

Hacking and attacks are always a threat, while sheer traffic could affect traffic and performance issues. All can be solved but should the worse happen, a plan to get the site back up and running is exactly what you need.

Taking control

Likewise, this is something you shouldn’t assume will happen – e2e took this passive approach and it didn’t work. If you want this support, you need to seek out the professional assistance that will set up exactly what you need.

By trusting a professional that has a specialism and direct interest in contingency you can assure yourself that these backup options are implemented and waiting to spring into action when they need to. The result is a much safer website, one that doesn’t break down or disappear for days at end due to a random instance. This will be of benefit to you, your customers and anyone else actively involved with your success.

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