Important steps to a more secure business

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Digital security is now one of the biggest sources of concern for most companies operating in the modern business environment. As technology has evolved and allowed organisations to handle vast amounts of data and store all important information digitally, the threat of ‘cyber crime’ has grown at an alarming rate.

Though nearly all successful businesses will have some form of security system in place, it is not always optimised to perform in the way it should and in many cases will simply be a token gesture. In order to ensure a business is implementing adequate security measures to secure their data, there are a number of steps that can be taken.

Security audit

The first step any business needs to take when thinking about internet, email and data threats is to conduct a security audit. This should identify the parts of a business that are vulnerable to attack and any data that needs to protected. It should cover the entire organisation and needs to be thorough in order to avoid any exploitable weaknesses.

If necessary, use a professional security company to carry out the audit, as they’ll usually have a deeper understanding of current security threats.

Secure communication network

Businesses also need to ensure that they have a secure communication network that they can trust to relay information without the possibility that it will fall into the wrong hands.

This means emphasising the importance of strong and secure passwords to employees, making sure that email migration security measures and tools such as Mimecast are in place and that communications are encrypted if necessary.

Prevent data loss

While most businesses take measures to prevent the theft of data, it is also important to think about what would occur if data were lost. In order to prevent this from becoming a catastrophic reality, all data should be backed up and stored securely, to be used in case of an emergency.

In the modern business environment, nearly all companies that experienced a large-scale loss of important data would suffer irreparable damage to both their operations and reputation. Consequently, the proper back up of business data is vital.

Mobile technology

Finally, with the proliferation of mobile technology within businesses, it is important to consider the ways in which mobile devices may leave a business vulnerable.

As they are commonly used on more public networks, they present a unique and tough security threat that needs to be tackled swiftly and intelligently.

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