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  • The Oltcit logo rulz :)

  • wow thx for that article

  • Oltcit rox ;)

  • Aaron Richardson

    Some of these can’t be legal.

    Nice article!

  • nice one dude. a few surprises in there.

  • You can add the Beats By Dre logo to #3.

  • Sepp

    The swiss air force badge is definitly not the Official one. You can make these (Company badges) easily on your own in the swiss military and someone was rather drinking Bacardy than flying.

  • Ok the Bacardi and the Swiss Air Force one totally got to us – so we went on a mission trying to find another instance of that particular patch. We couldn’t find one, but we did find a NATO ISAF that is similar:

    I do love the Oltcit one, WIN!

  • The Nike and Li-Ning logos didn’t really feel “almost identical” to me.

    Anyone else agree/disagree?

  • Rob

    tot mai faina decat Dacia ;)

  • Omg crazy how much some look like eachother

  • Fernando


  • Mike

    Where is the NBC logo from? Never saw that.

    What is the original source of #7 (“Believe”)? Only Britney Spears’ Believe is noted.

  • I agree I dont feel the Nike logo is anything identical to the one posted.

  • Bacardi and Swiss air force are way too similar to be just a coincidence…

  • Split

    Quicktime and Volvo, what do you find identical in these logos? The circle form? One is the lettre Q of Quicktime the other is the Male Gender sign (

    Goojje is a copy/parody of the google logo.

    Nike and Li-Ning: nothing identical here.

    Swiis Air Force seems to be a FAKE :;

    Pepsi: You should take the old logo for compare!

    Starbucks Coffee: just some more copies ->

    Apple and VSBT: it’s no because apple uses an apple as their logo that no one else can use an apple in other way… The fruit apple is not a trademark of “Apple”!

  • Bubka

    Die Hälfte der Logos sind Fakes, was machen die in der Liste? Hat der Autor die jemals geprüft? Das mit dem Nike-Logo hat nicht den Hauch von Ähnlichkeit…

  • Ray

    Really cool! The best example is the Bonus: Star Trek vs. Oltcit. Wtf is Oltcit???

  • This is an amazing comparison …i can’t believe that there are no rules to limit this!

  • Anders

    Oltcit was a licence built Citroën Visa – therefor their logo is in some way okay…I guess :o) Half a Citroën logo plus an “O”.

  • illz

    5 6 8 9 12 are basic shapes. bound to happen.

  • Atlanta Designer

    How is the google rip-off not illegal? It is the same font, shadow, color, etc.

  • Andrei

    “Citroën Prototype Y” ‘coz there are many many Citroën prototypes

  • Rana

    God how can we protect our ideas for life time and if I am one of these brand owners what shall I say to convince this duplicator that this is my logo and you mimicking it ????