Inspired Giveaway – Three Huge Prints from Alex Mathers, Noper & Xavier Gallego

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We’re working for some time at this one – our first thematic giveaway! So we’re very close to the “1st year of Inspired Mag” mark and we’re starting to celebrate with a very special giveaway – three huge posters (63 x 43.5 inches) offered by Uprinting and our illustrator friends Alex Mathers, Noper and Xavier Gallego.

The Tar Pit Creature by Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers is an illustrator & designer, writer of contemporary illustration blog Ape on the Moon and self promotion methods site RedLemonClub. Also check out one of the most popular osts here on Inspried Mag, written by Alex himself – The Secret of Finding Inspiration in Your Network

The Wolf Man by Noper

Noper is a Romanian illustrator with a thing for animation. And forsurreal-funny-fantastic creations.

Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego

Xavier is living, eating, and falling in love in Barcelona. He always wanted to be an illustrator (as well as a Ninja Turtle), and he’s the creator of a very popular Facebook app called Eyesores. Click here to download the special Social Eyesores icon pack Xavier did for our readers.


We couldn’t offer you these beauties without the help of our friends from Uprinting

How to Get the Posters?

Enter to win one of the three HUGE posters – 63 x 43.5 inches is almost an entire wall (shipping US only)!


  • join the Inspired Forum and answer (or ask) a design or blogging question
  • tweet this message: Win a HUGE inspirational poster from @InspiredMag RT to enter the giveaway!
  • tell us in the comments what poster do you like best

The Winners

Thanks for your interest guys and congrats to the winners!! Check out our latest giveaway here!

The winners will be announced about the shipping of the posters in the coming week.

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  • Nickito

    All 3 are so cool , but is that Michael Jackson at the Eyesores Birthday Party?!


  • Hmd

    i would like to or should i say LOVE to have “Eyesores Birthday Party” , its really cool and very modern feel… i want it for my brand new design studio which i started with a little budget and i am trying to find some cool posters to decorate my web studio.. i literally try to decorate it some magazine ads :(
    but if i won this… my design studio will look like a design studio in true meaning

  • I’d love to win Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego to hang up in my dorm room. It needs more wall love and I need to be inspired :).

  • Ahhh the Tar Pit! Well, I think it would go great in about any room but the deep colors would go great in the lounge.

  • My fave is “The Tar Pit Creature” – I’m normally not a fan of too much pink – but the print looks so good! It’s original and quirky… plus it made me chuckle.

  • Sandri


  • Novie Rullyanti


  • conan de

    Wow, the first picture is awesome!

    And these wee creatures are so cute!

    Well done Xavier!

  • Mella Complicated

    OKii.. i just wanted to say that Xavier is the best illustrator, and has the best ideas and cutest monsters ever!! =3
    I L. O. V. E. all what he does because, everything he makes is magical and unique.
    Eyesores Birthday Party, poster is amazing and the coolest thing ever! ^^

  • I like Xavier’s poster best. If it was October, I would have picked Noper’s.

  • And why?? I feel that the Eyesore poster captured a more broad theme that can be used year-round, while the other 2 posters seem to be used for a movie poster of some sorts.

  • Love the style of Xavier Gallego on Eyesores Birthday Party. I also really like the pink color in Tar Pit Monster as well as the “liquid” style of the letters! ;)

  • Barry Coleman

    it has to be Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego and it looks as though michael jackson made his way into the eyesore it!

  • i adore all three of the posters, i’m torn between the tar pit creature and the eyesores birthday party!!!

    i think… the Eyesores one has to be my fave though, my room is so dull and lifeless, it needs something as bright and as super duper as that to cheer it up! :-D xX

  • Martina S

    All three are great but my personal favourite is The Tar Pit Creature by Alex Mathers. A very individual style…that would look great on my wall! :)

  • I’d go for the tar pit, the kids are not in love with the idea of having a house decorated only in black or white. Here is my chance to turn things around!

  • Bee

    Tar pit for the win!

  • jessica

    i like “The Wolf Man by Noper”.
    i like the skylight and the person merging into the hill.

  • thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your blog birthday !! – i like to win the wolf man, it will be great i ll hang that in my workroom !! and it will be so cool , now itself iam imagining :)
    RT done :)

  • I LOVE Alex’s Tar Pit Creature, definitely my favourite… the colour palette is fabulous and I really like the retro pulp-horror movie poster feel. Awh, he looks like the saddest monster ever!

  • Catherine Plant

    My favourite art work is definately The Wolfman by Noper. I love the mystery that surrounds this character. And the way he is clocked in the darkness makes him very mysterious!

  • It’s really hard to decide which one I line best. I think I’ll go with the pit or the birthday party…
    Damn, it’s so difficult to choose!
    Ok, I’ll stay with the pit. I just love the colors and the typo!

  • I love the EyeSores one, the colors and the playfulness of it. Though they are all great and unique in their own way!

  • The Eyesores poster – got a strange quirkyness

  • I just LOVE Xavier Gallego and so his is my favorite poster. I didn’t realize it is a poster giveaway and was just thinking how much I would like the image on my wall!

  • patbay

    that wolf man looks a lot like Alucard…(Hellsing)
    i love Xavi’s poster!! :D

  • Tegan

    The Wolf Man by Noper – Love it!

  • I like the Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego.
    I like the character and the scene in that picture, feels so fun in there! :D

  • Eyesores Birthday Party – definitely my favorite. I have a somewhat similar desktop wallpaper, and believe me or not, but staring at it makes my brain run faster :D.

    And here’s my comment:

    And my tweet:

  • Desi Munda

    I really like the wolfman poster a LOT. It seems to scream “BRING IT!”

    RT’d the message as well –

  • i want a hot pink tarpit monster

  • L.

    Noper’s poster is definitely my favorite.
    It is elegant and dark and makes me think of one of Ted Naifeh’s drawing.

    Love it!!

  • I really like the Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego poster…

    here’s my tweet about the contest

  • Steve Saragian

    The Tar Pit Creature by Alex Mathers for Me

  • Eyesores Birthday Party by Xavier Gallego is awesome!

  • jennifer Rivera

    The Tar Pit Creature by Alex Mathers