HTML5 Templates Lottery Results Unveiled

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Alright now, we’re happy to inform you our dearest audience that we have a winner of the lottery we’ve started in cooperation with TemplateMonster last week. It was a lottery where every visitor of Inspired Mag blog could comment to the post and win one of the three prizes from TemplateMonster. We want to thank everyone who took part in it. First prize was any free HTML5 template from TemplateMonster for free. Other two prizes were a 50% discount and a 25% discount on any of the HTML5 templates.

The Winners

So the winner of a free HTML5 template is a person called Kevin, he said he wanted a template #30163, our friends from TemplateMonster say they’ll deliver this free template to him within a couple of hours from the moment these results are being published.They will also deliver a 50% discount to a person named Toni and a 25% discount to ‘Dev-O-Naut’ that won second and third prizes respectively. Congratulations to the winners and thanks again for taking part!

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