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I recently wrote about the importance of adding good content to your website or blog. This post will discuss the importance of good organization in your blog writing.

Organization Helps with Flow and Maintains User Interest

You see that? Right there, just above this writing. I wrote about what I’m going to write about in this section. It’s a blog section header, and it’s helpful for a couple of reasons:

1) It gives the reader the head’s up on what to expect from this section of writing.

2) It helps search engines determine content and rank your blog in organic search results.

Maintaining order in what you write is great way to maintain interest in what you are writing, as well as an awesome tool to alert the search engine that you have something important – and what it is.

Outline. Write. Revise.

It’s important that what you write remains almost archaically structured when you write in your blog.

Moving the carrot for your reader through your text is important from an entertainment perspective, but also from an SEO standpoint.

An easy way to do that is to organize what you want to write before you begin. I form the scaffolding for my ideas and add my outline. Then I take that outline and “throw up” ideas into the sections within my writing. Once there, it becomes a matter of shifting and sliding my thoughts into position. I repeat this process until everything is in an orderly, logical way.

Rinse & Repeat

One of the keys to success in sales is to deliver your pitch, explain your pitch, then tell them all about the pitch again. There are a lot of ways to say this, but I think the point is clear. The last section of your writing (at least when you are writing in this highly organized style) is to tell your readers what you’ve already told them.

In the case of this article, I’d tell you that I told you that it’s important to write in an organized way from a user’s experience perspective, as well as for Search Engine Optimization. I’d tell you how I write in that style, by outlining, writing, then revising – then I’d tell you about who I am, so that you know better where I’m coming from. Then I’d tell you the whole thing, all over again.

Blogging this way can become exhausting, but it’s effective. It’s important. And perhaps, even, a good form of exercise for the mind.
What do you think?

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