How to Set Yourself Up for Freelancing Success with Proposals

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If you’re a freelancer, you know how important it is to make a good impression. Some clients assume that the word freelancer means “college kid working on code in his mom’s basement.” And to be honest, there are a lot of people out there who call themselves freelancers that don’t do much to dispel that myth. From missed deadlines to poor quality work to zero customer service skills, the bar is set pretty low.

How Can You Rise Above the Pack?

Professional proposals. Proposals add polish and refinement to your freelance business. They take you out of the “doing this just until something better comes along” camp and “actual business that will do a great job” category. Proposals make a great impression and help your potential clients see exactly what you’ll be providing for them. Having clarity about your work and having your client sign off on it can prevent any problems in the future (like a client claiming you were supposed to complete extra work or offer unlimited revisions). As beneficial as proposals can be, they can also be a major time suck. As a freelancer, your time is money. Writing out formal proposals can eat up a lot of your billable hours. Since you’re not going to land every project that you bid on, this means that it’s very important to reduce the time you are spending on proposals without sacrificing clarity or professionalism.

The Elements of a Great Proposal

A great proposal informs your client, pre-sells them on working with you and clearly outlines how your project together will roll out. These sections should be part of every proposal that you send out: The problems your client is experiencing: After an initial phone call or email conversation, you should be able to understand what problems your client wants to solve. This section of the proposal lets them know you “feel their pain.” Your solutions to those problems: A brief summary of your solutions gives a big picture view of how you can help. Why work with you: Your client has a lot of choice when it comes to getting work done. This section of the proposal can remind them why working with you is their best option. The work to be completed: Outline exactly which services you’ll be providing and the deliverables your client can expect. The proposed timeline: You should give your clients a sense of how long it will take you to complete the work. If some of the work is dependent on their feedback (like waiting for revisions) be sure to note that. The next steps: End your proposal with a strong call to action and let your client know what steps they need to take next in order to get started.

Bidsketch Saves Time and Money

All of these components are essential – but putting them together for each individual client project can be a hassle. You can save time (and money) with Bidsketch.

Bidsketch is an all in one tool for proposal creation that is simple to use, impressive to clients and – best of all – saves you valuable time. Most users say that their proposal creation time is cut in half. You can piece together all of the important parts of your proposal once and re-use them again and again. No more creating proposals from scratch or copy/pasting into a template.

Bidsketch puts all of your information into great looking templates that can be viewed online or as a PDF. You can upsell clients with optional fees for add-ons that will benefit their business.

Once you’ve created a proposal using the system, you can email your client directly and know exactly when they’ve viewed the proposal.

Other features include:

  • Branding options that let you use a custom domain name and your company logo in your proposals.
  • Analytics and tracking tools to keep on top of your current proposals and new projects.
  • Integration with FreshBooks, HighRise and RightSignature for easy invoicing, contact management and signature gathering.

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