Today only: How to learn iOS Programming – 55% Off!

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If you’d like to develop iOS apps but haven’t done much programming before, it can seem like a daunting task. Today we’re offering a BUNDLE OF TWO COURSES that will set you on the path to iOS development – at a huge discount!

Get the course C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here AND Objective C for Beginners, together for the low price of just $89! That’s more than 55% off the regular price of $198 for this bundle.

Mobile is the future of technology and apps are the driving force of the mobile economy. Those who can build and design apps will be the most sought after talent. Anyone can come up with an idea for an app; it’s the getting it built that’s the tough part. So, if you’ve ever had a killer idea for an iPhone app, then the iOS Foundations bundle could be your chance to learn the one-two punch of iOS app programing from one of the best, Mark Lassoff.

After getting feedback from our customers, we found that the most effective way for a beginner to learn how to build iOS apps is to offer a combo of 2 courses: C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here!and the Objective C for Beginners. And, we’re including both courses for the price of one – just $79.

With a nearly combined 8 hours of material, dynamic video instruction, comprehensive lab exercises and dozens of fully functional code examples, these courses will give you the foundation you need to get started.

If you’ve been frustrated by iOS courses in the past because you didn’t have the prerequisite knowledge, don’t worry about it, because Mark Lassoff will teach you the “A to Z” of C programming; from there you’ll have the foundation to take off with his Objective C course which will get your brain dancing.

These courses will give you the tools you need to get after it. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’re ready to shine. If you are, we’re here to help make it happen.

Because we believe in Mark Lassoff’s abilities, we’ll give you 30 days to test the courses out, and if they don’t live up to your expectations, we’d be happy to refund you with no questions asked.

Here’s some info on each of the two courses that you’ll get access to:

Course 1: C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here

C is the basis of many programming languages in use today: C++, Objective C, PHP, Java, and even Microsoft’s .net languages. Sure, it’s been around since the 70s, but it’s still used today in applications where speed is critical – like financial applications, video games, and complex engineering.

In this video tutorial, master trainer Mark Lassoff goes over all of the important concepts you need to learn C programming. After completing the course, you’ll be ready to write and adjust C applications. There’s no programming experience required for this course.

This course is suitable for:

  • People without programming experience who want to eventually create an iOS application
  • People who want to learn programming and need a good starting point
  • Students taking a programming class who need supplementary material
  • People who want to pick up computer programming as a hobby
  • Web designers who want to start programming

Course 2: Objective C for Beginners

Once you’ve mastered C, it’s time to move on to Objective C with Objective C for Beginners. Objective C is a cool derivative of C that adds all sorts of functions and features. If you’ve ever tried to learn iOS development but found it too difficult to understand, this is the course you need! In this Objective C tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to start learning to develop iOS apps.

You’ll start with the basics, Objective C variables, and move through more complex concepts like the Objective C foundation classesdata structures, and creating your own classes and objects. This class contains over four hours of video lecture, lab exercises, and more!

You’ll work with instructor Mark Lassoff to master the concepts of Objective C programming used by iPhone and iPad application developers worldwide.

This course is suitable for:

  • Programmers who want to create iOS applications but don’t know Objective C
  • People just starting their programming career who know some C but want to get into iOS
  • Developers who want to make iOS applications as a hobby, but don’t use Objective C
  • People who have attempted iOS development but need more of “the basics”
  • Anyone who wants to learn a new programming language and have fun

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About the instructor: Mark Lassoff is the man behind, a leading corporate technical training firm that provides training for software, web, and mobile developers worldwide. Their courses have taken place at Fortune 500 companies, training centers, and Federal government organizations. Now you can experience the same great instruction that you get in one of their classroom sessions – at a small fraction of the price!

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