10 steps for launching a killer web design blog

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Launching a web design blog has many positive aspects but it requires sacrifices and huge quantities of hours spend in front of the PC. The work behind a blog don’t consist only in writing and posting; a great part of the time is taken by replying to emails, analyzing hot topics, improving the position in the search of the engines, searching for eventual sponsors and these are only a few “unseen” tasks when someone is administrating a blog.

A blog is a source of information and it implies a great responsibility because there are users who would consider your posts as correct and relevant. It is normal to ask yourself, is it a bargain or is it worthy to launch a web design blog? Definitely, there is only you who can have the answer; this post is showing you the steps before launching it. I will appreciate any other tips very much, which are considered by any reader to be presented here and please him to leave it in a comment.

Select an attractive domain name

There are many design blogs which contain very good articles and impressive showcases, but there is always a specific niche ready to be covered by a new one. To have a good start it’s better to bring something original and new to the table from the very beginning and this could be even the name of the domain. In the world of design blogs are two types of names:
-related to the term “design”
-original solution, which is risky but can be a source of extra traffic.

Get a unique design

Another possibility to show that your new blog will be something deserving the attention of the readers is the design of it. All design blogs are really impressing so it is a very important point which needs a special attention. Think at how the visitors will react when you write about design but yours is a disaster.

Select very clear your categories and menu

The users of the online medium noticed that any blog has a very clear menu and well defined categories. The web design is a sum of various domains as logo design, color theory, typography so all these should be treated properly. Many visitors aren’t a loyal public and they landed on the page of the blog because of the search engine; simply they put some words in the text box of the search engine and the blog was most probably on the first page. Definitely, one of the main qualities of a blog administrator is the discipline; a blog which hasn’t a clearly established the appurtenance of the posts is a completely Babel Tower and nobody will stay on that blog just to select the proper information, in fact there are so many good alternatives. Pay attention to it!

Choose the length of the posts wisely

Before starting publishing any articles it is better, in order to became quickly successfully to establish a clear pattern of your future posts. Altering the size of the articles could be regarded as a sign of diversity but usually it hurts the expectation of the readers. Some of them will come back to your blog because they consider the information obtained worthy but at the same time they like the style of the posts and it surely includes the length.
Another important factor in determining the size of posts are the images; select these properly and also assure a constant norm of inserted pictures in the text of an article.

Establish a schedule of posting

Many readers will notice that you, for example, post every Monday a very good tutorial and surely will come to read the novelties; it is a mistake to break the habit so assure a schedule of posting which shouldn’t be ignored.
On the other hand, lacking a clear schedule can be one of the reason of neglecting your blog; believe me, it is easier to say “tomorrow I will post” than “today I need an article” so once again the discipline and will are determinative.

Prepare giveaways for your readers

Every designer, but generally speaking every man on the planet loves giveaways. At the beginning is very difficult to have readers but offering many goodies for free will make them look at your blog and if it is a quality job, even to remain here. What should you offer?… think of some free icons, a versatile font, a .psd file or a WordPress theme. These giveaways should be offered at a special date and not every day, else you became a charity blog.

Make some buzz around it

Nowadays, we all have an inestimable tool of promoting-social media and none should consider it just a trend. Before launching the first post it is surely better to create a Facebook, a Twitter and Stumble Upon account. The statistics show us that a good source of traffic for any blog are the social networks and it is a pity for your blog not to benefit from these amazing ways of spreading the news.

Look for some sponsors

Another good idea before launching the blog is to inform local web design companies about your tentative and if they want a banner or a link on it. It is hard to believe that someone will be very interested or will offer you tons of money for a banner but nobody knows and the hope should be the last to die.

Look for guest posts

A web design blog should have a “Contact” or/and “Contribute” pages; these aren’t important in the topics covered but in the overall management these are primordial. There are a lot of young bloggers who don’t have a blog but are happy to share their knowledge with the readers. To look or to search for the guest posts it is better to do it after you published some articles and they will understand your fair offer.

A good blog means tons of hours of hard work

Maintaining a blog assure you a fabulous experience, many friends and readers, maybe some financial bonuses but these are only the positive aspects. The job of the owner of blog or a simply administrator means many hours in from of the PC doing everything to work as well as it is possible. Anyway, I want to warn everyone who wants to launch a blog that it isn’t an easy task but if he/she really wants to express his thoughts and experience then I wish them good luck!

This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie a freelance writer working for for Go-gulf.com, a web design Muscat company that provides web design solution in Dubai, Sharjah and Middle East.